I Don’t Have Your Nut, For the Last Time!

Sometimes, McTabbersons wished he didn’t have a friend with furaging habits.

Via YouTube.



  1. I’ve seen some odd relationships before .. but this one is *cough* Nuts..

  2. Love that skwerl ninja move at about the 48 second mark. Too funny!

  3. I like how half way through the battle, the squirrel stops and looks like it’s thinking “Hold on, did I leave the stove on?…. No, we’re good. Attack!!”

  4. I think the Ghostbusters predicted this…

    only looks like it is skwerls and cats living together!

  5. What ever you do … Don’t cross the steams .. It would be bad ..

  6. As cuteologists here know, next thing the squirrel will try to hide his nuts in the cat’s fur…

  7. Rambunctious, tail-biting Skwerl.
    Lazy kitteh just wanting to chill

    I don’t see what could possibly go wrong.

  8. I’m not sure what’s worse, the furaging or the grooming.

  9. That skwril is likes the um…..booty. Just sayin..

  10. Jenny Islander says:

    Cat: “Wha–huh–it–oh–argh–hey–stoppit–*sigh* You’re annoying, but I still love you.”

  11. crashnandicoot says:

    oh tolerant kitty! Giant flea-like squirrel is just asking for it. Sweet friends.

  12. A most excellent example of a Big Fat Orange Cat. My day is made already!

  13. McSqwerlio must have been raised by cats! Sooo adorabuhls!

  14. From a comment under the YouTube vid:

    “GREAT video of a squirrel who grew up with this cat. He was rescued , nursed back to health and released. This is him returning to see his old friend the cat after a year.”

  15. AWW 😀 That is a great story, gmarie3 😀

  16. This is really cute and very funny. I love the bit at 0.58 (ish) where the squerl stops and stares and then launches into another attack – lovely to see animuhls playing together – that cat could easily kill that squerl but the squerl is fearless and the cat very tolerant!