Maymo Decides To Try Pineapple

Maymo and sidekick Penny check out a slice of pineapple. Maymo ends up trying to, um, screw his head into the couch as a result.

Penny is a bit more mellow.



  1. kmccreary60 says:

    I love near the end how Penny is giving Mayo the side eye like, “Mayo, you are so weird.”

  2. I feel the same way.

  3. kmccreary60 says:

    Sorry, Maymo. (typo, I do know his name – guess I want a sandwich)

  4. I’m sure they have the rare moment when they’re not being entertaining, but if these two were my dogs I think I’d be laughing most of the day.

    Love the flappity-flap ear sounds. They brought back fond memories of the beagle I had as a child.

  5. What a silly dog! Even more-so when compared to Penny’s calm, logical approach to the matter! 🙂

  6. Oh Maymo! He never fails to make me laugh!

  7. ‘Make it stop! Make it go away! It’s food I can’t eat! It’s so wrong!’

  8. I liked when he finally flopped down like a little doggie corpse and Penny started to sniff his feet to see if he was still alive… 😉

  9. Tim McDaniel says:

    What IS it with dogs and lemons, limes, pineapples, …? They try biting it, they go nuts with wiping their heads all over and running around … then they come back and take another bite!?

  10. Lol this vid and the comments are hilarious! That’s how I react to kiwis since the make my mouth itchy.

  11. The triple nom attempt at 1:21 is better than Olympic sporting events. 😀

  12. Me, too on the flappy ears! When our beagle did that my brother and I would yell “Contact!” like starting the propeller on an old-time plane. 8-D

    Tell you one things, though–our beagle would’ve gulped down that piece of pineapple in less than a nanojiffy. He was a true beagle in that no food was safe from him. Makes me wonder about Maymo, since he seems to spend more time playing with food than eating it. Still, he’s a fine healthy-looking beagle so he must be getting plenty to eat somehow!

  13. My beagle once pulled a cantaloupe off a windowsill where it had been sitting to ripen. We came home to find it lying on the kitchen floor, looking like the surface of the moon, with huge chunks taken out of it. He would have inhaled that piece of pineapple (and probably would have tried to eat the oh-so-lovely pineapple hat for dessert!)

  14. Bettymouse says:

    Sheesh, Maymo, you could just say you don’t like it! So dramatic!

  15. lisaLASSIE says:

    Oh the melodrama is priceless. Especially since it only comes from one dog. And Maymo is not only a major drama queen, he is a very slow learner.