Ready To Drop The Puck At Sochi

[No! Don’t drop meeeeeeeee! I am the Olympic GOALIE!!)

(This is Puck, the puppeh of USA Olympic Hockey Goalie Ryan Miller. And will you please check out the little #39 jersey?)


Top photo from CBS Bottom photo from Ryan Miller’s Twitter.



  1. What?! No comments???? How on earth could that happen, with this adorable pug and US hockey olympic team and all???
    Puck, you are so handsome! And you look so pro in that protective gear!

  2. Ryan Miller is pretty cute, though (like many hockey players) he could use a haircut, but his little pup looks way cuter in the goalie outfit! And his tiny little sweater? Adorbs!

  3. Dog Lover says:

    Awww Puck, you are cuteness personified! And a world class athlete to boot!

    Dontcha just want to flap his muzzlepouch? Just once? Or maybe for just an hour? 🙂