Maybe I Can Hide This In Here

Wally The Sqwerl tries to hide his nut in the fur of Jax The Bernese Mountain Dog. Didn’t quite work out.

From Tastefully Offensive.



  1. What a sweet puppeh! And such a silly skwerl. I love the look at Jax’s front paw: “Can I put this under there? Nah…”

  2. got a little suspenseful when Wally the sqwerl approached Jax’s batootie, but he thought better of it and even Jax seemed to go “wait! oh…whew.”.

  3. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    That has got to be a new rule for the cute. Love me some rodent.

  4. Ahhh-dorably cute!

  5. And look at the little grabby hands. My wife and I feed the sqwerls in our backyard- they love us. When the wind and rain hits- which in California is every couple of years or so–they hop up and down on the ground and swoosh their tails- we call it the ‘wind crazies’ or the ‘rain crazies.’ They bounce from the fence to the tree to the ground and back again- and that’s known as ‘sqwerl pinball.’ But it’s been raining since yesterday so we are getting a lot of backyard ACTION.

  6. Swwet Jax, had this “Uh kid? Do we need to talk about some things here?”

  7. I’m thinking Wally needs to give away nut collecting and take up hair dressing. Did you see the deft way he parted that hair?
    And also, I loooovvvveeee me some bernese mountain dog. Don’t see ’em much ’round these parts.

  8. I’ve seen professional hairdressers with less flair. What a riot! 🙂

  9. I’ve have a basket of old yarn olds and ends,maybe some old rags for nut-hiding.

  10. 260Oakley says:

    Snack-savvy squirrel knows that Cracker Jax must have nuts. He heads for the tail section because he also knows there is a prize at the bottom.

  11. That is one of the cutest videos I’ve seen in a long time – …..a little fluff here and a little fluff there….and ….. ah nuts!

  12. Kari Callin says:

    “Trust me, dahlink’, nuts are IN this year! Well just put this right here. Lovely! Now to just do a little styling over here, a sweep there, and TA D….huh. Uh, maybe nuts aren’t quite your style after all.”

  13. I burst out laughing when skwerl was fluffing the dog’s fur around the nut! When it fell out he was sniffing it almost like he thought it might be a _different_ nut! Too cute! 😆

  14. Not much is funnier than 2 or more squirrels! 🙂

  15. Agreed!
    “One animal attempting to bury anything in another animal is cute.”
    Sorta wordy tho…hmmmm…

  16. Me too. 😀 I almost had to pause and think…wait, how many nuts did he try to hide in there?

  17. Video, please??!

  18. I think that is THE most adorable post I have ever seen!

  19. A D O R A B L E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Look at how the squirrel tries to “bury” the nut!

    On Sat, Feb 8, 2014 at 12:56 PM, Cute Overload

  21. I was just managing to contain my mirth over the video, but your comment sent me over the edge. My boss is looking at me now…

  22. gretelhallett says:

    Someone provide that squerl with some nut-burying ground quickly please!