It’ Gets ‘Em Every Time

Betty takes a lot of pride in fooling unsuspecting visitors with her fake-muddy-paws-on-the-furniture prank.

“Betty is a ridiculous puff of black and white fur. She’s a parti poodle and has no boundaries.” -Emily W.


  1. adorables!

  2. She looks so proud of herself🙂

  3. Betty is such a cutie! If I were anywhere close to her, I would spend all my time kissing that smiling face of hers🙂

  4. Friends of mine have a parti-colored Standard and I think he’s the most handsome thing ever! I wish parti-colored poodles were more popular. Obviously, Betty is a stunning example as well. You stun on Betty!

  5. Dog Lover says:

    She really does look pleased with herself but then again, she’s a party poodle! She knows how to have a good time.🙂

  6. Adorable! Much more to my taste than regular poodles. (And I would fall for her prank, too!)

  7. there is nothing wrong with telling the gullible that you are parti and you’re ready to muddy


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