G’day, Toby!

Alicia A. from The Land Down Undah sent this email to us. “We had a young wild koala stay in our gum tree for a couple of days. We named him Toby 🙂 and he was happy to pose for this selfie. All he wanted to do was drink and cuddle!”

[“All he wanted to do was drink and cuddle.” Now that is the life, my friends. -Ed.]




  1. Toby is so cute! What a wonderful video. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Poor thirsty bebeh! “But I don’t wanna climb a tree…I wanna stay near this nice tasty water!”
    Always amazes me how dense that fur is…arctic-type fur in one of the hottest places on earth–MY worst nightmare. Thinking the 16 feet of snow around my house is not so bad!

  3. rocky griffin says:

    Very cute video!

  4. What a sweet little guy! It amazes me how unafraid they are of humans. They have an amazing(-ly intimidating for any enemies/rivals) though. From the same video feed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEX5xXzlBn0 . It gets really god around the 0:55 mark, soundwise (it is of course adorable as can be befo’ that too).

  5. So sweet and so precious. Such gentleness by the lady touching this little one and speaking so softly. Love it!

  6. I always heard that koalas were very mean and territorial. Either I learned wrong, or this precious koala broke the mold. Either way, I am very, very jealous.

  7. If he wants a cuddle, by golly I’ll give him a cuddle.

  8. I’d cuddle that without question, but I can’t help but wonder:

    Do koalas smell like wet dogs or cough syrup?

  9. Wow! That’s altogether mad! I went searching around to see if this was a “thing” wild koalas normally do. Turns out they’re generally pretty shy of humans and spend a good amount of time trying to stay out of our way. However, during periods of severe drought they’ve twigged that we respond to them in the way we do do (“SQUEE!!!! HI LITTLE KOALA!!! HI! HI! YOU ARE SO CUTE, LITTLE KOALA!”) and have been known to approach us for water. Parts of Australia are currently undergoing one of the worst droughts in living memory….hence the, “Oh, hai! You haz waterz? *lick* *lick* *slurp*…How interestinks!….”

    Koalas….smarter than your average bear.

  10. Adorable. I wish I had one of those

  11. kallisto73 says:

    Dem’s be some serious claws on dem feetz.

  12. Dems tree-climbin’ claws!

  13. kallisto73 says:

    Yep, you’re right!

  14. Kudos to Ms Alexander! She obviously cares deeply for her little furry friends, making sure they have plenty of water and that they stay off the road and put for the night cozy and safe up a tree.

  15. Wet dogs who drink cough syrup?

  16. If you follow the video to the original YouTube posting, she says it is a wild koala and very young. And goes on to say that the young ones don’t have the fear of humans the older ones do. She was putting out water for it during the drought and it stayed in their gum tree for two days. So cute.

  17. The Aussie accent has got to be one of the most pleasant I have ever heard. This woman speaking makes me feels loved and safe, as does the bear I’m sure!

  18. ha ha yep they got our number for sure