Downton Tabby

The greatest television hit series that never was! Awwww…

And now compare to the real Downton Abbey intro, for the (coff)one or two(coff) people on the planet who haven’t seen it:

Created by Pets Alive New York City no-kill animal shelter, via YouTube.



  1. Sosallitta says:

    THE BEST EVER!!!!! LMTO! *Tushie.

  2. Janet in NYC says:

    I wanted to see more of Downton Tabby!

  3. Michalina says:

    they’re who i adopted my baby girl from! one of the best and most loving shelters ever.

  4. Mary (the first) says:

    (coff) that’s season 1 Downton Abbey intro.

  5. I just saw this book at Barnes and Noble. It had all the characters from Mrs. Catmore to Mrs. O’Ocelot.

  6. You’re good!

  7. I love how these shelters are all trying to put out viral videos and cute shots. Even nightline had one: Millions of Viral Videos Waiting to be adopted.

  8. I admit it, I am *coff* one of the two *coff* people who have not seen it *coff, coff, coff*

  9. kallisto73 says:

    But I would watch Downton Tabby. I would!!!!

  10. That makes me the second of the two *coff, coff* 🙂

  11. Dog Lover says:

    I never felt the need to watch that show until this past summer when I found myself with a LOT of free time. I started watching on On Demand and two days later, I emerged bleary eyed but totally hooked. It is a fabulous show!

    I would totally watch Downton Tabby too. 🙂

  12. Norberts Mom says:

    Pets Alive is an AMAZING place – they are one of my favorite rescue groups! Every year they have a fundraiser called a FurBall! It is so much fun and goes to help a wonderful cause. If you live in the Middletown, NY area check it (them) out.

  13. *coff, coff* I don’t know where they got their stats from, but I’m the *coff* third. 🙂

  14. mauderules says:

    I’m the fourth (coff, coff), but I would showverload on the Tabby version.

  15. Me too!
    I would like to see the wedding scene of Lady Hairy and Matthew Clawley.

  16. I am a fan of the show! How could I not be? It has beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes in beautifully appointed castles and homes; it has Maggie Smith being snarky and wise and occasionally loving in a wonderfully off-hand upper-class British way. It has drama and intrigue… And it has Isis, Lord Grantham’s beloved Lab, whom he is accused of loving more than is daughters – Isis, who played a central part in a character’s nefarious plans, who travels to London in style and a shot of whose tush opens the show every week…

  17. AWW 😀 What a great way to have people come down and adopt kitties 😀

  18. Me five. Brideshead Revisited scorched the earth for me, even though I respect a lot of the actors in Downton.

    Very clever video, tho’.