This Snow Thing Ain’t So Bad After All

….if you happen to be Giant Panda Da Mao at the Toronto Zoo!

As seen on VVV.



  1. That was a nice ‘landing’ after the tumble! And then he tumbles again, just for the heck of it… 😀

  2. Someone get that bear a toboggan, STAT!

  3. The fact that this little guy was filmed on the security cameras, unawares, somehow makes this video extra cute and fun to watch…:-)

  4. Even the big boys like to have fun too!!

  5. Dog Lover says:

    “I fall down go boom!” What an adorable, happy leetle scamp! 🙂

  6. The child in all of us. I agree, the fact that the little goomer was unaware of being watched makes it even more precious.

  7. Oh the happy roly-poly-ness!

  8. omgosh. i think i want to just tumble everywhere i go now.

  9. If the next snow storm drops a few tumbling pandas in my yard, I’ll stop complaining about them.