Looking For A New Sidekick?

Emily S. in NYC has begun a new webseries called “The Sidekick Series,” inspired by her adopted kitteh B.K. As her website says, it’s “dedicated to bringing you real stories of rescue pets and their hoomin parents!” (NOT a bad thing.)

“Our hope is that hearing positive rescue/adoption stories will help people realize adopting a cat/dog is the way to go. That’s also why we’ll be featuring different rescue organizations in NYC.”



  1. I would like to know what BK stands for. I had a very loving barn cat who quickly became an indoor cat – BK. Stood for Baby Cat as opposed to BC which would have been baby kitten

  2. Emily, you rock!!!

  3. Dog Lover says:

    What a fantastic idea! I guess sometimes people fear they might be inheriting an animal’s physical or behavioral problems when they adopt but – as most of here on CO know – there are benefits galore in adopting. For as much as you give to the animal, you will receive 100 fold.

  4. I’ve become addicted to My Cat from Hell recently, and love it passionately, but it does focus on the dark side of anipal guardianship. Emily’s series will show the good side, and that’s fantastic.

  5. Love my rescue dog…signing up to hear more stories.

  6. Emily you just seem like the coolest person I wish we could be friends! Hehe and your cat is awesome!!!!!

  7. Emily you just seem like the coolest person I wish we could be friends! Hehe and your cat is awesome!!!!!

  8. Aw thanks so much Natalie! I hope you’ll follow our series on facebook, twitter & subscribe to the channel. We’re just starting to build an audience so the more shares we get the better!

  9. The guy who I adopted him from named him Burger King. While I wasn’t a big fan of the name, BK sure loves to eat and if it was up to him I’m sure he’d be the King of the Burgers!

  10. Thank you ❤

  11. Thank you! The goal of our series is to let people know how amazing shelter pets can be! We have stories of grumpy cats who made a complete 180 and dogs who overcame abuse at the hands of a loving human parent so we hope you’ll subscribe, share and follow us as we try to spread the word!

  12. Thank you! You won’t be disappointed – we have tons of great pups (get a preview at upcoming stories at our website: http://www.thesidekickseries.com/) and share with your friends!

  13. OMGerd! Give the lady an Oscar already!!!!

  14. Sharon Wilson says:

    HOW could anybody not want that cat!?

  15. I have no idea, Sharon Wilson. Our fluffy black and white cat, Dooley (owned by my brother, his male friend and me), was given to us by a neighbor’s son because he was not getting along with the son’s cat 😀 Dooley was 6 months old when he came to live with us and will be 7 on March 15, 2014 😀

  16. Laura DragonWench says:

    Yay for shelter pets! My Ramses came from the local Humane Society and I can’t imagine my life without him. (He’s a dog-cat, too, not to mention a complete weirdo, but I love him to bits. :D)

    Oh, and BK is a very dandy fella with the sweetest voice; I don’t know how anyone could part with him so easily. 🙂