Let’s Try It Together, OK?

[Listen, kiddo. We’re both hungry, right? Here’s the plan. You open your mouth and howl. And I’ll do the same thing. The hoomins will come running right away, saying “Is somebody hungry?” They’ll literally throw the chow our way. Works every time.]

As seen on FB via Art M.



  1. Tony James says:

    It’s a scene from the movie of the musical of the stageplay of the one man show of Jack London’s sequel entitled “The Call of the Child”.

  2. It’s the latest trend in parenting: Siberian nanny dogs. The child will grow up to be fluent in both English and husky.

  3. 260Oakley says:

    Once again, Howl Green reminds his baby: “Let’s stay together.”

  4. Lost Language of Siberian Huskies situation. Better get someone else to teach that kid how to vocalize.

  5. rocky griffin says:

    Love this baby so much! This was an absolute avalanche of cute!

  6. It REALLY gets good around the 1:35 mark… 😀

  7. Possibly the dog is saying, “See? This is when we do our howling. The little one gets it… you never howl with me.”

  8. Dog Lover says:

    Those two will be BFFs forever. Lucky bebbeh, lucky doggeh. 🙂

  9. i can’t help but wonder what’s going on in that dog’s head. He obviously likes the baby otherwise he wouldn’t be so close but that’s not a great conversation.

  10. Sharon Wilson says:

    I love how the baby tries to clap first with her closed fists, then one palm and one fist!

  11. You know it! This puppers is totally thinking, “He’s the only one in this entire family who understands me!” Oh the angst.

  12. Isn’t this just like when siblings annoy each other by trying to copy what the other says?