Jimmy, Need A Price Check On A Set Of Firestones

The Canadian Tire store in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada has hired two new associates, Jimmy & Baby. They’re very friendly with the customers, but they WON’T pin on their name badges, they leave fur ON the register, AND…demand to have their bellehs rubbed DURING STORE HOURS!!

Thanks to Amy H. for tracking down the YT link. (C.O. called the store to get some more info but the fellow we spoke to said “No one here at the store has any comment about the cats, OK?” Well! Harrumph! OK then, eh?)



  1. waldenpond says:
  2. Elaine Darrah says:

    A long drive from California for tires, but I am still considering it!

  3. I LOVE Canadian Tire even more! 😀

  4. You gotta love the part where she says she doesn’t want to tell them to get rid of the cats, but they need to get rid of the cats.
    I sympathize with this woman’s phobia, but putting up signs warning people there are cats in the store and offering to keep the cats away if a customer is afraid of them seem very reasonable accomodations to me. She needs to be protected from contact with the cats while she’s shopping, they should do that and they say they’re going to. Why does she need to take that extra step of insisting the cats can’t even be there when SHE’s not?

  5. I think it’s great the store has cats. More stores should have a cat, dog, or other animals like fish (so long as the business and store staff are willing/able to look after them well). And I say that as a person with allergies, who gets a bit itchy and stuffy around animals I’m not use to. I’d pick a store with a mascot over one without if there were the option. It makes for a nicer experience, and you want to return to ‘visit’ them.

    Also, it increases productivity to view something cute. Did you know there was a study that showed that workers perform better if they take a brief break to view pictures of baby animals? So it is likely improving employee morale, attitude, shift adherence, and performance.

    Sydney store, I applaud you for keeping the cats and finding a balance between giving them the home at the store and accommodating customers who may not enjoy cats.

  6. So the cats make how many people smile and feel good? And they make 1 woman run for the hills, arms flailing? I think she can shop elsewhere. Good on you, Canadian Tire!

  7. For some reason this just rubs me the wrong way, I have a “phobia” of babies… yet unfortunately are in public spaces too. If she doesn’t like them she can take her business elsewhere. I’m glad they aren’t getting rid of the cats.

  8. preach! I would have sent her out of the store!

  9. Rescue Gal says:

    It is a tire store. How often does she really need to go there that they need to get rid of the cats just for her??

  10. Well said!

  11. gangewifreweaving says:

    good grief. i’m seriously allergic to cats, and i think there’s nothing wrong with these sweetie kitties being saved from the cold and being given a forever home! the store is big enough that they can be avoided. also, not to be disrespectful to this woman and her legitimate phobia, but there are cats EVERYWHERE – on the streets when you leave your house, in your garden, etc. to expect the entire world to accommodate to that is unrealistic.

  12. Dog Lover says:

    Exactly! Yay for Canadian Tire! 🙂

  13. Seriously! I go to a tire store maybe once every 3 or 4 years.

  14. To be perfectly fair, Canadian Tire is Canada’s largest retailer. It sells much more than tires, it sells automotive equipment and services, household items, gardening supplies, sports equipment… I know people who go every weekend just to browse, no exaggeration.

  15. Many years ago I shopped at a shoe store which had a sign on the wall.

    It said:

    This establishment is the home of Edie the cat. If you don’t like cats or are allergic to cats, please shop elsewhere. I loved that store.

  16. I second that and A.S.A.P.!!!!!!

  17. I second that, Melanie 😀

  18. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    There’s always somebody who has to complain. They get up each morning and have to complain. About something.

  19. Sort of like the “Married With Children” running gag about cancellations’Some housewife in Michigan did’nt like it,so the cancelled it.

  20. Maybe it’s time for her to take a class to get over that phobia. Seriously.

  21. Well, my view is that it´s solely HER problem and she should see a psychiatrist to work on her phobia!

  22. Shaz aka Sharon says:

    “There is a lot more to Canadian Tire than tires”

    (Their slogan from the 80’s.)

  23. 2labsandme says:

    Everyone has a choice..Their choice of giving these cats a home is admirable and I commend them. Shoppers who don’t wish to be with these cats can certainly take their business elsewhere, for whatever their reason.

  24. got that right.

  25. Is it me or does that reporter have the most annoying elocution ever?

  26. he’s an a NOUNCE r

  27. Excellent for Canadian Tire! I think they should get cats or pets in all their stores in all the provinces…. It would certainly be an incentive for me to shop more often!

  28. Laura DragonWench says:

    Your comment is worth a million thumbs up! 🙂

  29. flibbertygibbet (Roisin) says:

    Actually that is not the story. The true story is so much better than that. Until the third season of Married with Children, the show remained relatively unknown as was it’s parent channel, Fox, which was new at the time. There was one episode in the third season that so offended the Michigan housewife that she started a campaign against the show. The campaign backfired for this woman. The story of her campaign spread and people started watching the show making it, and Fox, a hit and extending the show many more years. Married with Children lasted over 10 years. I think it ran for 11 or 12 years.