This Is My “No, I DIDN’T Like That” Look, OK?

We think we’re doing them a favor by giving them a bath, with all sorts of warm soapy water, baby talk, (Now who’s the snookums wookums? YOU are), gently toweling them off, and such.

This is a crucial error on our part. The eventual payback is looming, and either we’re gonna get it, or the curtains will.

[Yes, this has the “Impending Doom” tag. -Ed.]

















From The Panda Of Boredom.



  1. Sharon Wilson says:

    Just for the record, kittehs, dogs do NOT like baths!

  2. #8 and #9 are my favorites!

  3. I feel so bad about laughing. Okay, not really. Wet cats are funny.

  4. Even The Great Roundness himself, The Maru, is diminished when wet.

  5. Clairdelune says:

    My kitteh MADE me post this: “Oh the indignity! The humiliation! These kittehs will all need feline trauma counseling.” *shamefully curbing a guffaw*

  6. minimoppel says:

    …until you face one in the bathroom.

  7. I love the one whose head is dry, but the body is wet and like 4 times smaller!

  8. This makes me want to give my kitteh a bath for my own amusement. Lucky for the kitteh my hubby is smart enough to not allow such nonsense.

  9. Pic no. 8! I’m skeered!

  10. Yeah, I hope that’s the ultimate “I shall feast on your steaming entrails” face, because I’d hate to see a worse one.

  11. That was my favorite too! It made me wonder just how tiny my fluffy baby would be if I dared to put her in the water…

  12. Poor traumatized babies!

  13. Yes. Yes indeed. Then a bullet-proof vest is in order.

  14. In my experience giving cat a bath is strictly a two-person job, complete with prearranged choreography, disposable clothing, and protective gears.

  15. Poor pussycat. not all cats like water, and this one certainly looks like he/she did not like it. You will be sorry later.

  16. Unless a cat is ill/can’t clean itself there is no reason to bath them, why is this being done? Similarly rabbits, it only causes the animal stress.

  17. Mary (the first) says:

    They look like a hair clog being pulled out of the drain that somehow has a full kitteh’s head attached!!

  18. Mary (the first) says:

    We here at CO tend to assume the owners know this, and that they do indeed have a requirement to bathe their kittehs, else, as you say, why would they??

  19. Dog Lover says:

    I am afraid. And I don’t even have a cat!

  20. Because they know nothing about cats and want funny pictures to put on the internet. The only time I washed my cat (and only the back end) was when she had diarrhea and her long hair was full of poop. Taking pictures was really the last thing on my mind!!
    There is nothing cute or amusing about a scared cat.

  21. rocky griffin says:

    They are still cute but they look stringy when they are soaked. They don’t look like they enjoyed their baths. Servals are supposed to Love the water. I wander if there have been serval’s on cute overload?

  22. That last face says it all:


  23. I checked behind me when I saw that one. SO EVIL.

  24. That is the scariest face I have ever seen on a cat! I am quite concerned for the safety of #8’s human. Should we be checking hospitals?

  25. I bet he looks like # 9 when wet!

  26. victoreia says:

    The expression on that first cat’s face: I heard the Emperor’s voice saying “You will die.”

  27. Jenny Islander says:

    In the middle of all the “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS I HATE YOU” shots there’s that one orange guy sitting there turning his sopping wet face into the shower spray, because his hoomin missed a spot under his chin.

  28. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    I had to give Miss Lucy a baff. Sometimes her skin gets a bit dry in the tushie area, and she gets a half baff (just the haunch area). Generally she’s pretty good about it..this time, I shifted, and she tried to grab the tub, but got my upper arm…just ONCE, really good. I said a bad word, finished rinsing her off, dried her up & let her out of the bathroom. I didn’t realize her nails needed trimming. I’m fine. It ws a week ago, and things are healing as they should. And she forgave me.

  29. Chain maille

  30. Perhaps that’s precisely what some of the pictures are dealing with? And I’d say most of these cats are less scared than absolutely FURRIOUS.

  31. phred's Mom says:

    The ONLY time I bathed my Jemima was
    because of diarrhea – hers – and she never
    spoke to me again. Then again, she pretty
    much ignored all her hoomins.

  32. Once I had to give one of my kittehs dips in a solution to cure ringworm for about a week. She was NOT amused. After I would towel her off she ran for about 3 feet, would turn around and give me the “I HATE YOU” glare and then hide for several hours to regain her poise.

  33. Claude and Maggie had to get ‘dipped’ for fleas. Claude was a big boy, and The World’s Scarediest Scaredy-Cat Ever. All he ever tried to do when he was at the vet’s was curl up in a ball. He never, ever fought in his 21+ years. Vets LOVED him. When I went to pick them up after their baths, the vet’s assistant said about Claude, “He was a delight to bathe! I’d bathe him every day!” Then they brought out Maggie, about 8 weeks old at the time. The aide winced and said, “This one we may have to sedate if we have to do her again.” Apparently my stubborn little kitten had fought and fought and FOUGHT. I picked her up and it was like holding a wet noodle–she was so exhausted she could barely hold her head up.

  34. The one in the #6 looks like one of those rare cats that enjoys water – it looks possibly even happy to be showered by it’s cheerful hoomin…

  35. The penultimate one scares me the most.

  36. Yeah all of the I.C.U.’s!

  37. Kevin Yeats’ kitty, Momo, the boy kitty who had to paddle for his life as did his owner when Kevin’s truck got stuck in the river near High River, Alberta, Canada, jumped into the shower the next day after that bad day 😀 I have a newspaper clipping that correctly states Momo as a boy kitty not a girl kitty 😀

  38. Or the cats fell in. My cat likes to play in the tub when it’s empty. I can easily imagine someone filling the tub, leaving to fetch a few bathing necessities, the cat comes in to play, Splash!

  39. bathe a cat at your own risk