The McVitie’s Guys Are At It Again!

Remember yesterday’s post of the puppehs and kittehs (and the Slow Loris?) with the McVitie’s biscuits?

They made a quick mini-video just for us- (“We are super chuffed* you used us on your page”) and look at that little maniac in the top right corner.

Many thanks to Jon, our new British BFF.

(*And we had to look that one up, now didn’t we then?)



  1. This is the coolest thing ever–a vid just for CO.

  2. As if there was any doubt something that cute would end up here. It’s nice they showed their appreciation anyway. Too adorable. I love that little guy in the corner.

  3. We need a product placement tag too, we have corporate fans!!!

  4. i’ve never had a jaffa cake, but i’m craving one right now

  5. So adorbz! Also, I *love* Jaffa Cakes, and chocolate digestives. Argh — midnight craving for sweet puppehs, kittehs and biccies!!!

  6. you have great taste, McVities Chocolate Digestives are the worlds supreme biscuit !

  7. Well done McVities, I’m well chuffed you did this for CO 😉

  8. Neat! Just for that I’m going to have to make a trip to the one store in town that I know will carry McVities and give them a try.

  9. Never had a jaffa cake???! That is too sad, they are delicious. If I could I would send you a pack. (assuming I could get them in the post before I ate them 😉 )

  10. Now, I have to find out if McVities are available out here on the West Coast of Canada 😀 I still would just LOVE to get one that pops out kitties 😀