Let The Sochi Games Begin!

These USA Olympians have already scored a Gold Medal in Interspecies Snorgling and Nomming.




Photos by NBC Olympics as seen on Elite Daily.



  1. Photo 3 .. “HMMM .. Taste like humie skier” YUMMY !!

  2. Dogsledding. That’s an Olympic event I could get behind. With multiples of this cute puppers pulling the sled. Lucky athletes!

  3. Love this. Thanks. I become such an Olympics junkie every other year. Good luck to all of the athletes! Stay Safe and GO <>!

  4. That should have read and GO ..fill in your own country here..

  5. = Puppehville .. Land of furries !!

  6. Dog Lover says:

    Adorable puppeh and beautiful athletes! Be safe and be victorious (must mostly safe). 🙂

  7. I’m not sure whose mascot this is, hopefully a US Husky. I love me some Huskies, and ;had one for 16&1/2 years, but find this post cute as hell, but ironic too. It seems the Russian government has a contract out to kill all the stray dogs in Sochi before the Games start. For this and other reasons I’m boycotting these games. There are petitions out there. You can look it up. Keith Olberman did good story on it on ESPN yesterday. Here’s the link; http://www.cnn.com/2014/02/05/world/europe/russia-sochi-stray-dogs/

  8. Bettymouse says:

    Yes, it’s really appalling. I’m glad there are some people who are trying to rescue the strays.

  9. ohgods HUSKY PUPS 😯
    Takes a pro athlete to keep up with them critters. Whew.
    Also, a-DORBS

  10. also also: FACE NOMS

  11. dolphin815 says:

    Is that one of the dogs they rescued? He’s beautiful…