Extended Ear Extenders! They’re New!

Revolutionary, lightweight and staggeringly small!

And because they resemble a fennec fox you wont look odd at all.

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Via Pleated Jeans.



  1. King size candy bars! Nom nom nom nom! 😉

  2. Do they come with eavesdropping powers, like the Weasley extendable ears? I wouldn’t at all mind resembling the fennec fox.

  3. Just the cutest!

  4. Radar dish ears. That won’t look odd at all.

  5. Dog Lover says:

    If only I could be half as cute as a fennec fox… 🙂

  6. I thought my corgi’s ears were big, but this beats hers!

  7. Somewhere JK Rowling is filing a copyright infringement suit…

  8. Oh…to own a fennec fox like Jeff Corwin does. A dream come true!!!

  9. “Why, my boy, you can pick up Tierra del Fuego!”

  10. They’re so unexpectedly wee. I want a small handful o’ fennec.