Things Cats Do That’d Be Creepy….(Part II)

Remember last month’s “Things Cats Do That’d Be Creepy…if a Hoomin did them?” Ace Junior Producer Felix H. is back with a sequel.

All the best, from Berlin!



  1. We all knew how the door thing was going to end. Only thing missing there was the cat stopping halfway out for at least three minutes to think about it, especially if it’s really cold. (We keep our cats safely inside now anyway.)

  2. That was spot on!!

  3. Love those shifty eyes during the paperwork. Guy should’ve worn yoga pants for that cleaning thing.

  4. Our cats have posted the sign “This door to remain open during business hours.” Which is 24/7. Right?

  5. ROFL. My cat Spider was sitting next to me watching this and as soon as he heard the sound of the hoover he ran away LOL…..