Japan’s Furry Teddy Bear Bus

It seems that in The Big J, they’ve decided to create a bus that looks like Duffy The Teddy Bear. (Disney, natch.) The story was originally seen on ol’ reliable RocketNews24 (but we also appreciate HuffPo’s CUTENESS OVERLOAD headline, too.)

The bus is set to start a promo tour in Tokyo on the 20th, and is covered in the Duffy-type fur on the outside..

And the inside!




  1. SlaveToCat says:

    Oh for crying out loud. I just can’t take the cute anymore. I’m moving to Japan. And, I wouldn’t mind my boss throwing me under this Bus.

  2. I need to move in to that bus. And I’m sure the floors will be spectacularly clean.

  3. Ah, how great! You can tell this was inspired by the Cat-bus from Miyazaki’s My Neighbor Totoro. See: http://kotaku.com/these-real-totoro-catbuses-will-delight-you-473200486

  4. But what about going through the car, er, bus wash? Do they have a blow dry?

  5. Maybe it’s dry clean only..

  6. I would be in such a good mood if I could ride one of these to work.

  7. Creepy McCreepersons.

  8. for some reason, the Japanese LOVE Duffy. The US seems to not care as much. The Duffyites carry them around, dress them and include them in their travels. There was even one included in a wedding party at WDW! It’s not just children and youths but adult men and women.

    We WDW cast members really can’t understand the fascination.


  9. Aw that is the cutest bus I ever saw – it looks so soft and fuzzy, I want to ride around in it!