Do U Fancy A Crumbly Cuddle?

“We in the U of K do like a nice sit down with a cup of tea and a biscuit. What could be better than opening a packet of biscuits and finding delicious biccies? Finding these adorable critters.” -Esther K.

(U can tell this is a legitimate UK email – “packet,” “biscuits,” “biccies,” -all great words.)

(*Disclaimer: header stolen borrowed from the McVitie’s YT channel. It was so…so veddy British.)



  1. Oh.My. Wasn’t ready for that much cuteness *falls off chair DED*

  2. whawhawhatsis says:

    My local grocery store stocks McVitie’s, which are my favorite snack, and yet I never find precious puppehs or kittehs when I open a package! I demand they send those special packages to the US so we can enjoy the cute bebehs, too!!!

  3. Eric Hanneken says:

    Was that the Murder, She Wrote theme in the first video?

  4. Tony James says:

    Yes, followed by Fawlty Towers and the theme tune from Blockbusters (possibly the greatest quiz show ever devised by the hand of man, and compered by “I’ll have P please, Bob” Holness, PBUH.

  5. I will never recover xs

  6. ummm Digestives? Interesting. I could surely use some crumbly cuddles today.

  7. Yes, I recognised it too. Cuddley “biscuits” and a good murder mystery: what could be better?

  8. OMG, I love McVities, and these ads are just too…too…OMG! Martha in WA, this demands a return trip to Scotland for biscuits.

  9. Martha in Washington says:

    *searching for first available flight to the UK, while emptying bank account to buy ALL THE BISCUITS*

  10. I never knew “biscuits” were “cookies.” But I want some. I like those “HIT” cookie biscuits things from Trader Joe’s, personally.

  11. Malle Babbe says:

    Just don’t feed the Jaffa Cake creature after midnight….

  12. It looked like the Jaffa cake gentleman was going to explode with a squee.

  13. Digestives… called Graham Crackers in the US. I love Jaffa Cakes!

  14. What the heck was that thing?

  15. rocky griffin says:

    It kinda looked like a slow loris but it kinda looked like a mon-chi-chi also sooooooooooooooo…….hmmmmm… maybe it was something else inspired by both but I can tell you at least that it was C.U.T.E.!!!!!!!!

  16. I had the same question. at first I thought aye-aye, but the tail was wrong. No prosimian I recognized. Must have been a gremlin.

  17. rocky griffin says:

    The first video was super cute also!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. You might be right about the slow loris. I don’t recall their tailes.

    And now I want some biccies.

  19. rocky griffin says:

    MONCHHICHIS, not mon-chi-chi is the spelling. Dose anyone else think it looks like a monchhichi? It is probably a slow loris methinks.

  20. rocky griffin says:

    The species familiar to most doesn’t have a tail and the pointer digit is shorter than the other phalanges. It is definitely inspired by the cute of the slow loris anyway.

  21. Of course mcvites is not indicating in any manner Jaffa cakes are a biscuit of any sort but are ideas mini cakes. (There was a very long running legal case based on weighed Jaffa cakes were cakes or biscuits, as biscuits with chocolate are VAT liable while chocolate cakes aren’t VAT able)

  22. Dear lord, that first corgi pup that popped out of that package is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. Little Max Stubbulars all over the place. I could just esplode!

  23. Martha in Washington says:

    *see post below

  24. sabrina rose says:

    I’m off to Great Britain! Must pack my return suitcase full of those “biccies!”

  25. can get them here (not sure if they come with critters, tho)

  26. Thank you! for saving my poor brain from hours of trying to remember why I know that tune! Brain discombobulated from the cute!

  27. And WHY are they typed as “digestives”. Never did suss that out. Anyone…?

  28. Disappointingly that isn’t very accurate when it comes to biscuits and a cuppa.

    Sorry everyone :\

  29. I think I got a defective packet of McVities Digestives. Mine only has biscuits in it.

  30. dolphin815 says:

    My thoughts exactly. The first two were cute, but I’m not sure I would want one of THOSE coming out of a packet of biscuits.

  31. Well I can buy McVitie’s in several stores around here but all I get are delicious biscuits and NO KITTAYNS. Is the kittayn version only available in the UK??
    Not fair.
    …although the chocolate biscuits are really yummy!

  32. At least for Teho they aren’t doing an as for ginger nuts (a crisp ginger biscuit)

  33. I think it’s got something to do with the sodium bicarbonate used as a raising agent being good for digestion.

  34. I think the plural is because it is impossible to have only one. As to digestives they were sold as a suitable food for those with weak digestion and as good to help indegestion, a digestive and a glass of milk is known to help queesie stomachs

  35. Indeedy, DJR. And just in case McVities ever needs a refresher on the difference, here’s the page from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Custom’s manual on how to tell the difference between cakes and biscuits for tax purposes.

  36. It won’t let me post the link, but trust me, there is a page on our Government’s web-site!!!!

  37. I would just LOVE to buy a package of McVitie’s if they are availabe on the West Coast of Canada and the ones that pop out dear sweet kittayns 😀

  38. Glad you liked these ridiculously cute adverts! I am very tempted to open every packet of biscuits in the shops to unleash a wave of puppies, kittens and Mogwais. x

  39. Nope. I’ve had Graham crackers, and they’re different. A digestive will suffice in a pinch if you will insist on making smores in the U.K., but they’re really not the same thing.

    (Fun fact: due the the American accent, I though they were called ‘Gram’ crackers for years).

  40. Wait. You don’t have the word ‘packet’ in America? What do you call packets of stuff?

  41. DewiCasGwent says:

    Thought the 11 Criteria for determining if it is a cake or biscuit were drawn up as a result of the Jaffa Cake case

  42. phred's Mom says:

    Might be the fiber content.
    Whatever, they do go nicely
    with a cuppa.

  43. The Jaffa Cake animal looks like a Tarsier (from the Philippines) to me.
    I would add a link to a pic, but I don’t know how to… lame, I know….

  44. A bunch?

  45. Absolutely, Dewi. Straight-faced from HMRC’s online VAT manual:
    “The leading case ….. is that concerning Jaffa cakes: United Biscuits(LON/91/0160). Customs and Excise had accepted since the start of VAT that Jaffa cakes were zero-rated as cakes, but always had misgivings about whether this was correct. Jaffa cakes were then ruled to be biscuits partly covered in chocolate and standard-rated: United Biscuits (as McVities, one of the largest manufacturers of Jaffa cakes) appealed against this decision.”
    “An earlier case, that of Adams Foods Ltd (MAN/83/0062) which concerned Chocolate Dundees, a traditional type of shortcake with a chocolate base and individually wrapped for sale, came to the opposite conclusion.”

    Is this level of bonkers only applicable to the UK?

  46. Package?

  47. dolphin815 says:

    We do. I think we normally package cracker-like foodstuffs in “sleeves” though.