You Know, Hearing Is Overrated

I mean, sure, I’ll miss the tell-tale whirring of the can opener, and I won’t catch that no-good mailman sneaking up on the front porch, but think how relaxing it’s going to be without all that pesky sound. So you can put that away, thanks.




  1. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    We use the same ear wash for our dog & he actually starts to cower when I hold the bottle up.

  2. The eyes say it all .. no No and HECK NO !!

  3. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Haha, poor guy.

    By about age 9 the lab I had growing up finally figured out that the ear medicine made his ear infections stop hurting. He’d actually walk up to my mom (the designated medicine giver), bark, and present the problem ear.

    Then when Mom took him to the vet she had to explain that no she didn’t do heroic job of cleaning out senor dog’s ears; the medicine smells like peaches and we have another dog. Vet went “ewwwww.”

  4. Oh thank you for giving me my first laugh of the week – The adorable doggie’s facial expression is priceless

  5. Mrs. Norris says:

    “You’re putting that where?”

  6. You and what army?

  7. lol, priceless. I have a cat that gets recurring ear infections and I so I flush his ears once a week. The vet originally told me that cats HATEHATEHATE having their ears messed with. But my guy is usually, “meh, whatevs…”

  8. Panda the spaniel has to have his ear juice twice a week. I dose him quickly, give him a good stereo ear rub, then an ear juice COOKIE. He’ll put up with almost anything for cookies!

  9. I use this on my pug, Daisy. She hated it until I heated it up by letting if float around in the warm bath water. I think the shock of the cold going in her ears freaked her out, she got this really big eyed look like noooooooo!

  10. BulldogMommy13 says:

    Yes…ear cleaning. only slightly less horrible to my bulldog than nail clipping,lol

  11. Pugs have such great little faces–so expressive!

  12. If I even get close to the cabinet where we keep this stuff, our dog runs up stairs and hides. Poor pup, we gotta use it on your labby lab ears b/c otherwise you’ll get infections and that medicine will be worse.

  13. Dog Lover says:

    Exactly the same with my chihuahua. You’d think they were being skinned alive, for all the drama. 🙂

  14. rocky griffin says:

    This dog looks like he has a Hillshire Farms sausage for cheeks.

  15. My normally bold and friendly birman boy isn’t keen on his flea treatments (you know the stuff you put on the middle of the shoulder blades.) Anyhoo, I can’t open the cupboard it’s kept in to get something completely unrelated out, without him scooting out the cat door, looking like I’ve opened the gates of hell.

  16. I had to use the same stuff on my lop-eared bunny. She HATED it.
    It did help to put it in a smaller bottle (for handling) and set it in a cup of nice warm water for a bit before dosing. But she still wasn’t a big fan.

  17. That look of horror…..

  18. Ha! As a pug owner, I know that look well…

  19. Trying to trim my pug’s nails is like wrestling a Tasmanian devil lmao

  20. tommygirl says:

    Hilarious!! Thanks for the laugh 😀

  21. In all fairness, that stuff stinks. I use it too, but….yuck.

  22. jessicavye says:

    This exact scene has been played out in my house so many times …