Keen for the Bleen – Updated

Up for a leetle fun?

Somewhere on CO
There is a hidden bleen,
You will find it in a very original place.
Not in the Glossary
Not in the comments,
You could say, it’s in a higher space.
If you SQUEE! you are close
And more clues will be given
When or if needed, just in case.

Happy hunting and good luck!

Excellent work, Birdcage and Atho’s Slave! Indeed. In future I shall endeavour a challenge worthy of your quite mad cute skillz. 

Via Reddit.



  1. AWW 😀 Hi there, dear sweet kitty 😀

  2. Well I’m stuck already.

  3. What the heck are y’all talkin’ about? I do love me a peeky kitteh tho’.

  4. Founded eet!

  5. Awww, little heart breaker…

  6. The leeps people, look at those leeps! Just beggin’ to be kissed! Cutie pie!

  7. November 12, 2007……”Image 1 Bleen”

  8. Left off something…..THEO! The orginator of BLEEN!!!! Woohoo……
    Hope he is doing well, miss his comments….

  9. September 26, 2005 – I’m inno-cent!!!! (in the hovertext).

  10. rocky griffin says:

    Oh my goodness what a beautiful boy! That is a wonderful furry face! Is the bleen the reflection in his eyes! I would Love to know what it is so if anyone finds out let me know please,

  11. Found the BLEEN easily enough, but I don’t see what to do next…

  12. Whackadoodle eyes!

  13. I’m squee-ing right with you there, Birdcage.

  14. Athos' slave says:

    Is it the same little guy from the first post on September 26, 2005 – I’m inno-cent!!!! (in the hovertext).

  15. rocky griffin says:

    Is the hidden BLEEN the cute induced aggressiveness that makes me want to reach through the computer and snorggle the kitteh?

  16. Nobody really knows! – shifty eyes –

  17. Awww. Proud of ya! So cool.

  18. Why yes. Yes it is. The kitten is innocent – but I think Theo may be guilty? And I mean that in the nicest way of course.

  19. I have a sneakeh suspish there may be a few more cute Easter Eggs hiding around CO …

  20. Yay!

  21. You win mostest cutest answer.

  22. rocky griffin says:


  23. The Original Jane says:

    One of those lucky ones who was cute as a baby and cute as a grown up – no awkward phase for this cutie pie.

  24. Man, I am so not good at these things….why I thought I should ever try is beyond me……this photo is still cute though……..

  25. Apparently their seems to be some controversy regarding the actual meaning of this term…

    According to the Urban Dictionary, the definition of Bleen is :
    A number between 6 and 7.

    “The Nobel Prize in mathematics was awarded to a California professor who has discovered a new number! The number is bleen, which he claims belongs between 6 and 7.” –George Carlin

    According to Wikipedia and Wordsense, the definition of Bleen is:
    1. philosophy – Of an object, blue when first observed before a specified time or green when first observed after that time.

    Grue and bleen are predicates coined by Nelson Goodman in Fact, Fiction, and Forecast to illustrate “the new riddle of induction”.

    According to CO, the definition of Bleen is:
    A cute little kitty being falsely accused…

  26. rocky griffin says:

    Could BLEEN be like midi-chlorians? The cute is strong with this one. May the cute be with you.