Sooooo..Douglas The Wombat comes waddling up to this fellow, right? Time for a snorgle, right?


Oh, you want MORE? K.

Absolutely adorable video of a man getting snuzzled by wombat. Favorite scene is when the wombat rolls over for a belly rub, @ 1:19.” -Ahnika K. and also Celinda L. Second video seen on



  1. Encore presentayshe… I remember both the adorable wombat and the adorable redhead well. Totally worth seeing again, though.

  2. I am NOT a wombat thank you … maybe a platypus ..

  3. It has to be said. Men of CO Calendar material. And I really want to rub a wombat belly too!

  4. rocky griffin says:

    The baby wombats are scuttle-buts! Their fur is so plush and I ….must….SNORGLE!

  5. YAY! My submish made it! ❤ *squee* WOMBATS!

  6. Down under has such great animals… I would love to have a wombat walk up to me for some snorgling! Or a koala or a wallaby or a platypus…

  7. Emmberrann says:

    Ah lerves me some Wombats! Whenever Wombats are listed as a choice in a poll, I choose them. They do not get the publicity that koalas get, and they are at least as cute, particularly when they are babies. Yay, WOMBATS!!!

  8. this must be what porcupines look without the quills

  9. mark your calendars: Since 2005, an unofficial holiday called Wombat Day has been observed on 22 tOctober.

  10. Phryne Fisher fans will recall that a wombat has a starring role in the 2nd mystery, Flying Too High.

  11. Awwww! Wombats are cute, they look like giant hamsters to me. 🙂

  12. My favorite part was when the little lighter colored one got stuck upside down and couldn’t turn his fat little self over.

  13. wombats are like really really fat cats? they run like crazy and come to a sudden stop and then bolt again.

  14. Not only cute but pretty hilarious, too

  15. I can haz wombat?

  16. It’s like a kitty the way it flops onto the nearest paper.

  17. 6ToedCatsRule says:

    OMG!! They’re like big fuzzy rollipollies

  18. SNUZZLED!?!!

  19. Jenny Islander says:

    I was thinking the same thing! “I see you are doing something that does not involve me. I am going to stick my furry nose all up in whatever you’re doing until you drop that irrelevant nonsense and give lovins and scritches to me. Later, when you really need me to pay attention, I will waddle off and ignore you. Cuz I’m a wombat.”

  20. Was this in a park or was he just laying about? This is totally the most awesome wombat video I’ve seen in ages! My plush wombat “Weather” wants to meet Douglas!