THIS JUST IN: We Visit Thing One And Two’s House

This one is just off the YouTube express, everyone. The plot? Thing Two cruises the hallway. That’s…about it. But NOTICE if you will……the gleaming floors. The pristine…EVERYTHING.

Japan wins again.

The title of this video is “Kuru.” The online translator says that means “Kuru.” (Say like Marge in “Fargo:”) OK then! Will consult Guremike and report back.



  1. Copperbat says:

    Kuru simply means “to come”, which is what they’re doing. 🙂

  2. The reflective shine of the floor made my iPad screen’s fingerprints really stand out.

    Gorgeous kitties!

  3. 6ToedCatsRule says:

    The floors are……hypnotic

  4. You are correct! Just got a response: ” KURU means ‘come’, simply!”

  5. The squeak-mew at 0:28… Killed me!

  6. This is like an artsy Bergman-esque short film — we just need some film critic’s interpretation: “… here we have the cat representing our suppressed heart’s desire, and the hallway of life that we keep walking down, walking… walking… … … walking… endlessly searching, but never finding our goal… “

  7. I felt a more German expressionist vibe, myself.

  8. rocky griffin says:

    This cat had such nice fur! I Loved his colors and pattern. While watching this my goal was to face-bop this cat and give him a kiss! So beautiful!

  9. You are probably correct — not enough winter scenes…

    Also, Henri, Le Chat Noir could probably do a good job with this one. Yet there is something profound in the unrelenting hopefulness of Thing 1, it’s a bit disturbing.

  10. They speak! FYI the website says they live in Kauai, not Japan. Wanted to pet the screen!

  11. Anna you’re funny!! Indeed they live in Kawaii — yet they are still in Japan… Kawaii is everywhere, really (see link ;^)

  12. Huh? But on their blog they say they live in Japan…. maybe they moved?

  13. They live in Kawaii Overload!

  14. Isn’t kuru the disease you get from eating raw brains??

  15. Clairdelune says:

    Don’t forget Japanese angst. Perhaps the shining floor symbolizes the search for order and tranquility in a chaotic, crowded world.

  16. What does it say about us when we notice how pristine their floors are. Not even a cat hair. I have got to go a wash my kitchen floors now!
    My cats are slob, not neat cute kitties !

  17. Clairdelune says:

    They live in Kawaii-land — read it aloud with several iii at the end, like this: “Kawaiiiiii!!!!” , the equivalent of Cuuuuuute!!!!!!! 😀

  18. Clairdelune says:

    I washed mine yesterday, but it’s a mess already. I’m sure those floor have a dirt-repellant surface and a built-in cat hair disintegrator, but the secret formula and drawings are kept under lock and key to ensure that the rest of the world feels inadequate. 😉

  19. Beautiful fluffalicious kitty approaches the viewer (me! me! ME!) umpteen times. What’s not to like? I’ve definitely seen worse films than this one. *watches again*

  20. AWW 😀 I so want to cuddle Thing One and Thing Two 😀

  21. I think we need a Mugumogu – Guremike Spotless-Floor Throwdown.

  22. Sharon Wilson says:

    There’s the meow like, “Hey! Stop filming and pet me!”

  23. I might have to work on that.

  24. phred's mom says:

    It’s working. I feel such
    a slob. *sigh*

  25. Japan is clean…. so very clean. and adorable.

  26. Does anyone know why they are called Thing one and two? The owner’s website refers to calico(mike) as Imo(sister) and Grey(gure) one as Ani(brother). Wonder where”Thing One” “Thing Two” came from..