THIS JUST IN: Simon’s Cat Is Smitten

It’s getting closer to February 14th, so Simon’s Cat does his best to impress his Valentine!



  1. Awww… talk about an overload of cute. That made my heart to pitty-pat.

  2. rocky griffin says:

    It was cute but….what the hog was she eating on the ground! Were they beans or cheese curls? Whatever it was they were crunchy.

  3. Simon’s cat had put out a trail of treats leading to him, I think. Hehe.

  4. I like the way the mouse’s head made a heart shape when it was hanging upside down.

  5. I thought she was going to cough up a hairball after eating all that stuff on the ground. You know, like cats do.

  6. Aww dude, you had to fall for a vegetarian!

  7. Mouse blowing raspberries, priceless!

  8. Sneaky kitty that Simon 😀

  9. I love Simon’s Cat. This is a good one, too.

  10. Laura DragonWench says:

    I knew the mouse was in on it, but when he blew raspberries at the snobby lady-cat there at the end, I just lost it. Too funny! Now that is true friendship. 😀