All Hail His Royal Strangeness…

…the Most Holy Flaminate of Baroovitania, Grand Supreme Pandemonium of Mahnahmahnah, Exalted High Wazoo of Wysiwyg, his excellency Lord Snorgulus von Hippotickler, DDS!

Via Reddit.



  1. “DDS”…. heheheh

  2. His Royal Poobah.

  3. High Wazoo of Wysiwyg? So NTMTOM.

  4. Mary (the first) says:

    That pore dawg…

  5. his muzzle is a puzzle

    and which end is his tail?

  6. sabrina rose says:

    His Highness has such soulful eyes.

  7. it’s Gimli!

  8. Emmberrann says:

    “Why you do this to me? I not do weird things to deserve this. “

  9. Blue Footed Booby says:

    A guy I work with has a version of that hat, only with a gray beard, and a viking helm instead of a crown. He wears it to work, complete with beard. Senior management marveled at his splendor.

  10. Caiaphas? The high priest who condemned Jesus? For an Easter pageant? What a talented craftsy mommy!

  11. Who let the dwarfs out .. who who who ??

  12. Dargo? er…. Dawgo?

  13. DewiCasGwent says:

    Clearly this doggeh wants a staring role in The Hotdog: The Devouring of Snauages

  14. It’s a good thing I always put my coffee down before I read NOMTOM’s posts. This would have been a spit take for sure!

  15. If you are talking Tolkien, the plural is “dwarves” – a deliberate linguistic choice by the Professor- and one that he insisted upon. When a clueless proofreader went through his manuscript correcting “dwarves” to “dwarfs”- and worse “elven” to “elfin”- he objected strenuously. When the proofreader insisted his spellings were from the Oxford English Dictionary, Tolkien shot back , “You do realize that I actually worked on the Oxford English Dictionary ?”

  16. Dargo? is that you?

  17. Frell no! It’s Dawgo!

  18. rocky griffin says:

    Creative and cute! Very funny!

  19. waldenpond says:

    Dear Not That Mike The Other Mike, you forgot ‘The Sultan of Squee’!

  20. that’s telling ‘im, JRR!

  21. staring? starring? staring at the stars?

  22. (sing in Mark Knofler voice) “we are the Sultans…..we are the Sultans of Squee!”

  23. Dah Mouse says:

    Great Zotz, Dargo…er…Dawgo….how Chiana has changed you! All the fire has gone out of your eyes!

  24. And here I thought Wysiwyg was forgotten…