Now, What’s This Snow Stuff All About?

These three critters are checking out snow for the first time. First, let’s see what the Toronto Zoo’s Little Polar Bear had to say:

Then let’s travel from The Great White North waaay down south to ‘Bama, where Sophie The Cat decides this snow thing isn’t so bad after all.

And then there’s Gonzo’s first snow day.

Polar Bear video submitted by Karen, aka Sasha’s Mum : Sophie video spotted on Boing! Boing! Gonzo from DP&F.



  1. 😆 Sophie The Cat looks like she is having fun in the snow 😆

  2. Gonzo is so redonkulous! XD

  3. I SO want to see Gonzo try to walk in that get-up. While in snow. For the first time.

  4. We’ve seen several cats react that way to first snow here. I wonder what is going through their heads. To me it looks like it is something like, “This strange white entity is absorbing everything. I must attack it at once! I suspect its weak point is right… there! *pounces* No? Then maybe there! *pounces* There? *pounce*”

  5. What in the world is this white stuff ?? WHEEEE

  6. TheIglets says:

    OMG Iggies!!

  7. Bebeh polar bear doesn’t know how to snow!

  8. Totally Jersey says:

    The wee polar bear is all: “This $%!# is cold!”

  9. Love both the polar bebeh and Gonzo…”I don’t…I just don’t GET it!”

    Sophie is quite the pretty kitteh…