May The Best Zoo Win!

Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo and the Denver Zoo are making a Big Wager for tomorrow’s Big Game! According to the Ballard News Tribune, if the Broncos win, “a curator from Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle will hand deliver a case of Washington apples to Denver Zoo’s Przewalski’s horses and spend a day working with the horses and elephants wearing a Bronco jersey.”



“If the Seahawks win, Denver Zoo Curator of Birds John Azua will take a case of trout to Woodland Park Zoo for its sea eagles and spend a day working with the zoo’s animals while sporting a Seahawks jersey.”




  1. Mary (the first) says:

    Gee Whiz, I come to CO to get *away* from all this Super Bowl nonsense ..(grumble, grumble). I guess I hope the SeaHawks win or it’ll be rough going around here for awhile. (I’m in SeaHawks country.)

  2. The orangatan with the jersey is adorable. Wagers like this are fun

  3. Dog Lover says:

    I’m rooting for the orangutan cuz I ALWAYS root for the orangutan. 🙂

  4. just lurve that bronco’s cheeky grin, perhaps he’ll hafta grin and bear it after the game! the lemur will remain shocked and amazed. the zoos will be abuzz and awash with post game gurgles, howls, yowls and roars….and we’ll all be glad for the din (din).

  5. Oh! I get it! This is awesome!
    Took me a second to get the significance of the horses and the eagles – ok more than a second – I might be in a little bit of denial.
    But hey, what would zoos do if it were 49ers and Pats?

  6. lisaLASSIE says:

    Please sign me up for the losing wager so that I can go to either zoo to spend a day with the animals. Thank you.

  7. Ha! and they’re all coming to my state to play the darn game! (I plan to hide inside and watch the puppeh bowl.)

  8. I love those superbowl wagers, like when museums bet favorite paintings or mayors have to shovel snow wearing the other teams jerseys.

    both sides win.