Caturday: Kitteh Snorgling A….Donut?

“Went up to Seattle for the 49ers game two weeks ago. While I was walking through Pike Place Market, I stumbled upon a tiny booth called Marnin Saylor. They were selling the most ADORABLE handmade Donut Cat stuffed animals. I had to buy a Vanilla one because it looks like the Donut Cat version of my cat, Princess Leia. I brought one home and she LOVES it! Donuts you can snorgle #FTW!” -Trisha M.



  1. Matchingks?

  2. AWW 😀 I just LOVE your dear sweet kitty, Princess Liea, Trisha M. 😀

  3. Curly back feets!!

  4. Clairdelune says:

    Yep, curly back feets and softly curled front paws holding the donut… I wish I could sleep so peacefully!! Leia is delightful, make me want to scoop her up for a snorgle fest. 😀

  5. Someone’s had their belleh freshly shorn! *singsong*

  6. I think Princess Leia has recently been spayed!!

  7. Matchink!!!

  8. Thank you! We’re thrilled to be on CO. Well, I’m thrilled. Leia is sleeping in front of the heater with her donut.

  9. Leia was spayed years ago, but that’s not why she has a bare belly. She has flea bite dermatitis and although I’m vigilant, it only takes one bite to get her chewing nonstop. She chewed her fur off a few years ago and it won’t grow back : (

  10. Clairdelune says:

    Oh my, so maybe that’s why one of my kitties had a bare belly a few years ago! She had a bare, very pink belly after she chewed off her fur, but eventually it grew back. I thought she was just a nervous wreck because of the new kitty in the house… How did Leia get her flea bites, did you have a dog? I never had one, and my kitty never went outside.

  11. She’s an indoor/outdoor cat. She was a stray cat who lived in my backyard and decided to claim the house too. I’ve tried keeping her inside, but she couldn’t stand it.

  12. Princess leia is absolutely adorable!