Mom Taxi XX: Takin’ It Slow



As seen on ZooBorns.


No More Woof?

Ever wish you could find out what your doggeh REALLY wanted? Language, as opposed to barks and woofs. You know, like in the Pixar movie “Up?” Well, this Daily Dot article says you may not have to wait much longer to find out! (FOOD. SLEEP. WALK. PET ME.)

The Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery have invented a gizmo called No More Woof. It’s supposed to scan your dog’s brain patterns and then translate them into hoomin speech. You get to hear the speech through a wearable microphone. The invention is still a work in progress, but it looks like they’re getting close!

One Whale Of A Video (Part 2)

OK, so there are two videos in this post. Anyway, we started the week with this fantastic video of a Mama Humpback Whale and her bebeh. Now we wrap up the week with these Close Encounters Of The Whale Kind. So check this out. Curious George The Humpback decides to get up close and personal with some guys in a fishing boat.

And then, this whale decides to give a girl a high five. Or a high…fin.

First video submitted by Wendy M. Second video seen on DP&F.

Flashback Friday

Dear peeps of Cute Overload, may we introduce to you, the real Peter Rabbit. Formally known as, Benjamin Bouncer.

We think you may share a similar passion for cute disapproval. And, Benjamin might quite like to hear about your nomming of earses. Please, enjoy yourselves while we prepare tea.

Found these charming pics of Beatrix Potter with her pet rabbit, Benjamin Bouncer, 1891, via Retronaut.

Big Bird, We Are Go For Launch

Some amazing video here, People. The pelican arrived somehow at the Greystoke Mahale resort in Tanzania after his flock ditched him. The resort staff took him, er, under their wing and helped him get back on his beak feet again. (And they named him Big Bird. Fly like an eagle, buddy!)

From Mashable.

Friday Haiku: Lazy Day

Want a good sunbeam?
The best sunbeams are the ones
With no cat in them.

Photo of Schatze from Megan M.

Butt Bed is Back!

Kitteh, a leetle higher up please – the knot in my back is keelink me.

As seen on Bits and Pieces. CO Butt Bed bunch begins here or here!

I’ve Lost My Marbles!

No, of course I know where they are — they’re right here in this bag! Where I can’t get at them! Which is why I’ve lost my marbles!

Proof: Cats are A-Door-Able

Everybody made fun of Gizmo the dog for consorting with a cat, but Gizmo knew it would pay off one day.

Unlikely friends, Dexter and Gizmo made the BBC News, via YouTube.

Featherweight Watchers

It was near the end of winter, when Mrs. Plumpyplumage sometimes worried about all the extra ounces she had gained.

Female Fairy Wren from the photo gallery of Tim Cuthbertson.