Friday Haiku: Piggies

Cute pink and so prosh
Two fuzzy little pigsters
They make funny sounds

Music by G. Harrison.



  1. And the pig goes “squee!”

  2. Martha in Washington says:

    Perfect Pink Proshness!

    Listened to the music and about 1/4 of the way through I thought “OMG! That’s the Beatles!” Never heard this one before!

  3. Two little sisters
    Gazing at the sea
    Wondr’ing what their futures be

  4. Indiana Joe says:

    Now I want a set of piggy slippers.

  5. The littlest snorfers.

  6. so pink!!!

  7. I’m not sure I should share this, but since I’ve been looking at cute Overload (about 3 years now) I’ve completely stopped eating bacon. I just can’t bring myself to eat it, when I see what sweet, intelligent animals pigs are.

  8. Fellow-non-pork-eating high five to Tinychih. I went fully vegetarian last year, but I had long since given up pork. Pigs are awesome.

  9. rocky griffin says:

    That was premium cuteness! Great job on the entire presentation! The picture, the music, the writing, it was a very well done cute segment!

  10. lisaLASSIE says:

    Hooray for Tinychih and Waving