Bang a Gong – It’s the Chinese New Year!

Good luck and prosperity!

Of course. Of course. It’s the Year of the Horse.

Do a little Kung Fu, eat a little bamboo

Check it out, a horse with a Fu Manchu.

Via Bored Panda.


  1. Eat my bamboo flute please🙂

  2. I’ve never seen a stache on a horse before. Who knew?

  3. I sooo want to brush these ponies!

  4. Rockin’ the ‘stache man…….

  5. Just love the horsetach….and the wild look in the eye…

  6. Are these horsies … well, are they alright? I don’t know much about horses, so was puzzled if they are just old and scruffy or uncared for?

  7. I agree- barbed wire fencing. 😦

  8. They both look underweight. Note the skinny, non-muscled upper front legs. I’m going to vote “sad” rather than cute.

  9. Me too…they need some lovin’ and brushin’ and feedin’


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