Hamster. In A Very Small Sweater.

Roll up the InterTubes and go home. That’s all there is for today. Thanks for coming. Drive safely.

June T. sent this in, and we are forever in her debt.



  1. Well I was gonna go to work today, but now i can’t because my brain just asploded.

  2. TOLD ya. We’re allllllllllllll done today.

  3. Catherine says:

    And it’s an intarsia sweater! I bow down before a knitting wizard!!!

  4. I have been visiting CuteOverload at least once a day for years and this is one ranks way up there on the head-exploding-cute scale!! Thanks.

  5. I have no words. But I do have lots of squee noises!

  6. Oh my! What a little gem…

  7. Dog Lover says:

    I remember years ago when I found a teddy bear sweateauw (that is, made for a teddy bear) at a local craft store for my tiny chihuahua – I was thrilled!! But this makes the chi sweateauw look like it was made for a mastiff. 🙂

    This is cuter than anything has a right to be, both the sweateauw and Hammy McHammersons. I fear I may lapse into a diabetic coma. 🙂

  8. Now I’m thinking about the person who knitted that sweater. I bet his/her thumbs hurt from all the tiny work!

  9. Catwhisperer says:

    He looks like he’s a member of a college a capella choir! Can you imagine a whole group of these cuties???

  10. What would their group’s name be? Hammsterama? The Rodent Notes? How about, The Fuzz Factor?

    Squee Squared for this adorable pic!!

  11. whawhawhatsis says:

    I think I just hit a note only puppehs can hear in my squeeing over this adorable McHammerson!

  12. How??? Why????? Who cares…..too cute! Robo Hammie, maybe?

  13. I think we’re going to need more Hello Kitty defibramajiggies on hand…

  14. Hammie in a sweater? Squee to nth degree indeed.

    I have just enuff brain power left to say I was also rather taken with the rather gorg hammie ‘tocks last week. Unfortunately I was unable to comment at that time because by the time I got to the last photo I was incapable of….splop!

  15. I wondered the same thing, also,How on earth did the tiny sweater get put on the tiny hammie? HOW?

  16. I would ask how they’re going to get it off, but Hammie may have some ideas about that….

  17. Smartypants says:

    Maybe there are teensy-weensy buttons on the back?

  18. ham n cheesey says:

    aaaaa!! I just slapped my hands together under my chin and laughed maniacally at the ceiling!…hammeh shweateh… :o)

  19. I would love to see a video of the hammie being sweatered up.

  20. warm-n-fuzzy says:

    I was thinking maybe he was knit into it, but your idea is waaaay better!

  21. rocky griffin says:

    My he cuts a dashingly cute figure in his stylish and prosh sweater!

  22. Definitely will qualify for one of this sites’ cutest pics of the year and it’s still on January. OMG! And lookit the feet!!!

  23. Tim McDaniel says:

    EEEEEEEE! [thud]

  24. Wouldn’t that be a sweateau? There was a CO name for sweaters at one point.

  25. you know, you’re right. blame it on the cold weather. wait, it’s been 70 here for weeks.

  26. Yup. Passed this one around the office and now we’ve got to mop the brains off the floor.

  27. Gah!
    Too…flippin’…cute!!!!! 😆

  28. And this is why I won’t shut up about a Knitted tag.

  29. done!

  30. Yea!!!! I’ve only wanted one of these since those penguins/apples/trees/snails/ponies in sweaters!!!

  31. that’s cold for California, isn’t it?

  32. Pudding?

  33. The Original Jane says:

    Oh, Meg DEFINITELY needs to put this on the front of next years desk calendar!

  34. looks like it might be a repurposed sock…so…you’re probably honoring a giant loom in malaysia…

  35. Which would make this even MORE redonkulus since Robos are the teensiest of all hammies!

  36. Baahhhhh!! Hammie in a sweateau!!!!! *THUD*

  37. Seconded!

  38. …and cots, and mops, and bandaids, and Nurse Steffie…

  39. The Original Jane says:

    Considering I’m not even into Hamsters, that’s saying a lot that I think it deserves front cover. It’ll sell more calendars than ever before!

  40. Amandaish says:

    There would be a lot of chittering and unhappiness. At least from MY hammie. He’s vocal and would not stand for having a sweater on him. But oh my lord is that CUTE! I am now thinking about making a teeny tiny scarf for the hammie. Yes…it must be done!

  41. All…I can….think…about….now…..is…..sweateauw, sweateau, or sweateu? [asplode]

  42. Well. Well. This one almost killed me. Between the beady eyes, the delicate spray of whiskers, the tiny left foot which begs to be nibbled on, and the dang sweater…

    Well, C.O. I almost died.



    *Nurse Stef enters the ward. Feinted people litter the floor. CRAP. Dons starched, white nurse cap, rolls up sleeves and gets to work.*

    (claps hands briskly)

    Okay, people! First of all, everybody must hug one of these cute puppies which are running toward you. This is the first step in negating the overdosage of cute from Sweater Hamster. Please. Hug the puppy. Hug the puppy and smell his/her fur! *wipes away sweat from brow*

  44. Sweateauw. Feau sheau.