Ukraine Kittehs Really Knock Us Out

Ever thrown a party only to have an unwanted guest mess things up? Cuteporter Valerie R. tells us, “My daughter staged a surprise tea party for my 3 year old granddaughter, whose best friend is Sheepy, (at right in the photo) the one in the sweater.”

Kiska and the frog
“But it was crashed by a hooligan named Kiska, who is a little short on table manners.”

Kiska and the frog 2
“The photo credits go to Kristina J., snapped in Kiev, Ukraine, where she and her husband teach music in a private English school. Kiska was a street kitten (thus the bad manners) before she was rescued by my daughter. Now she leads a life of ease, but still feels the compulsion to steal food sometimes.”

Kiska and the frog 3
*Title inspired by The Fabs once again.


  1. This is the most adorable tea party I’ve ever seen.

  2. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    It totally is!

  3. “Ehhh. This party sucks. The frog won’t even share his cookie.”

  4. Even worse, it’s not a real tollhouse or gingersnap..

  5. Love the cat’s name…Kiska. And what good parents as well as good kitty rescuers. Sounds like a happy family!

  6. Cendrillon says:

    If I bring petit fours can I come to the tea party?

  7. AWW :D I hope Kiska lives a long and happy live in her loving forever home :D

  8. love this series of photos. it’s like the kitty KNEW what was up and wanted to partake. :)


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