Got Kleenex?

[This is the Budweiser SB commercial. Go get one -before- viewing this clip. Then come back and hit ‘Play.’ -Ed]


  1. *sobbing*

  2. OK pookie – here’s a Kleenex – you wanna coffee **sniff** pass the box and we’ll go fix a nice hot drink

  3. *sniffle!*



  4. Natalie W says:

    this totally gave me chills when those horses came running!! SO Qt I cannot stand it!!! Favorite commercial EVaHHHH

  5. wordphreak says:

    Damn! A commercial almost made me cry!

  6. wordphreak says:

    And a draft horse jumping a fence! Awesome….

  7. Draft horses can do anything a saddlebred horse can do! Just, you know…a little bigger. :)

  8. Normally they just walk thru them .. LOL !!

  9. Budweiser always makes the best Super Bowl commercials.

  10. AGREED. Always the best and often bring tears to my eyes, this one is no exception. AND kudos for the “adoption” sign.

  11. I agree. They have the best. I liked even last years buswiser one.

  12. can’t wait for the super bowl…..I only watch for the commericals.
    This is one is awesome….last years really got me though with the horse leaving and then recoginizing his former trainer (nice looking by the way) during the parade and then running back to him……makes me cry just thinking about it!

  13. My plan for Super Bowl Sunday: Too Cute! from 10-3, Puppeh Bowl from 3-5 (penguin cheerleaders!), then do chores between commercials while they’re playing…. :D

  14. Martha in Washington says:

    Now that I’ve had my morning sobs…
    Awesome commercial!! Budweiser’s are always great!

  15. Hi,Martha ready for the big game!

    I am sure you will hear my family screaming from Puyallup…

  16. oh, i guess i’m in the minority here. i always love a good cry, but this one was a tad bit forced for me. the whole romance element between two impossibly good-looking peeps on top of the puppies and the horses felt a little overwrought.

  17. Meh. A bit too phony, really. I have a hard time with contrived sentimentality. Especially in something like…eh…beer commercial.

  18. I dunno. I guess I feel that’s exactly where the sappy stuff belongs. I certainly couldn’t watch a 2 hour movie like this, but a short tv spot is perfect. Beats the heck out of using bewbs to sell beer, imo.

  19. warm-n-fuzzy says:

    Of course it’s contrived! It’s all about the beautiful horses, the adorable puppies, and the gorgeous countryside. I wasn’t even paying that much attention to the people.

  20. canadianmary says:

    and for the record, ALL commercials are contrived(that’s how they sell stuff, right!?), so just relax and enjoy,,,lol

  21. It was obvious the human romance would happen but I still loved it! I do believe in strong interspecies friendships – all cute overloaders should have a copy of Jennifer Holland’s book “Unlikely Friendships”. So many awful commercials out there – I say cheers for this one!

  22. I thought it was beautiful and it made my eyes leak..a lot. <3

  23. Athena's Mom says:

    Budweiser does it every year. Although my favorites are still the 9/11 tribute and the one last year with the baby Clydesdale… and…andhistrainer?(looks up, waves hand, chokes back sob). LOVE these commercials.

  24. I watched the 9/11 tribute on YouTube. I still cry watching it.

  25. I won’t be watching the Super Bowl this Sunday. I’ll be watching the Puppy Bowl! But thank goodness for youtube because I can still see all the Super Bowl commercials.

  26. Mary (the first) says:

    I saw a clip about the “making of” this commercial, and of course it’s fake, it’s a commercial. But who cares, it’s still very sweet! Adorable puppeh, stunning horse, handsome man, what’s not to like?!

  27. Mary (the first) says:

    Oh goodness, I’m in the mod lounge. Is there any coffee left, and perhaps a chunk of coffee cake?

  28. Damn, I should have taken the Kleenex comment seriously. Am now shedding tears all over my keyboard. Curse you, Budweiser!

  29. Tim McDaniel says:

    Jeez, my allergies are really acting up all of a sudden. Lachrymose, runny nose, …

  30. Something.

  31. Mingles' Mommy says:

    I don’t know what that had to do with beer, but I like it!

  32. Dog Lover says:

    Sobbing. Again. :)

  33. Even CAT lovers will love this commercial! Meow, purr.

  34. Onions…again! Darned onions! Sneef.

  35. Kari Callin says:

    Budweiser is the KING of the Super Bowl commercial! I have no idea how they manage to top the one from the previous year, but they do. I ADORE this commercial, and my favorite part is when the group of horses is running at the car with their ears back, ready to take someone out! LOL

  36. Am I the only one who sensed another love story going on there? The kind on two legs?

    Yeah, Bud SB commercials do tend to set the standard,

    Favorites would have to be the Replay

    and the wordless (but no animals) Thank You.


  37. No, Kar. I sense a sequel in the works. Hint, hint, Budweiser.

  38. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    A+ Outstanding.

  39. Meh. I don’t get it.


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