As We Approach February, Who Still Has Christmas Decorations Up?

‘Fess up. We know every neighborhood has that one house. And that’s OK!

“Luna at Christmas.” -Emily & Scott M.



  1. Luna is gorgeous! (I confess…I have one Christmas decoration still out; it’s a music box that plays “Silent Night” that belonged to my grandmother. I just don’t want to put it away!)

  2. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Pretty sure I forgot to take down the Cthulhu wreath in the TV room.

  3. hmm .. why .. You ask that like it’s a ‘bad’ thing ..

  4. Believe it or not, the Christmas trees are still up at my church. Every Sunday I needle one of the pastors or another about it. And they were still up as of last night.

    Go figure.

  5. barnkitty says:

    We always leave our decorations up through the month of January, we just don’t plug in the lights after the weekend following New Year’s Day. Just a way of extending the enjoyment of our favorite Holiday… :o)

  6. I confess–my rather small Christmas tree is still up! But I’m not turning the lights on or anything.
    Luna is beautiful!! I love the long furry ruff around her neck–stunning!!

  7. Gorgeous green eyes and pink nose. Luna you’re beautiful!

  8. Beautiful Luna! I want to gently boop that little pink nose.

    We never put up decorations, so no need to put them away. Not very full of the holiday spirit, I guess…

  9. luna is wearing a white christmas wreath of her own. year round!

  10. wow she’s beautiful!

  11. pulchritudeoverload

  12. Guilty as charged!

  13. Mary (the first) says:

    Personally, I’d love it if people left holiday lights up all year. I love them!

  14. military families that have a loved one deployed will often leave it up till they come home. Esp. Navy families when loved ones are deployed for 3 months or 6 months. I saw this a lot in Norfolk VA. 🙂

  15. We’re guilty, too. We just love the comfy-cozy feeling the xmas tree lights give the room… especially with all this cold weather and snow. If my kids had their way, we’d leave the lights up all year! 😮

  16. Smartypants says:

    Luna is beautiful! Love her mascara (cat-scara?)

  17. Ours is still up, mostly because there is so much it will take a whole weekend to put it away and none of us has felt up to the task yet! Luna is gorgeous! I had a rat named Luna, sister of Lily.

  18. What a beauty Luna is! Such gorgeous eyes.

    I still have a few small decorations up. I forgot I need to take them down!

  19. Luna is a stunner. Those eyes, that amazing coat, she’s the complete package.

  20. AWW 😀 Luna is such a beautiful kitty you both have there, Emily & Scott M. 😀 I hope you have many long and happy years together 😀

  21. That’s the spirit! LOL!

  22. J.P.Crawford says:

    Still have the tree up and a full snow scene on top of the coffee table and piano. I think the weird weather is part of it. Al Gore’s fortune teller dropped her snow globe down the staircase.