ABBA Goes To The Dogs. And The Cats.

This clip was performed by the SPCA of Wake County in Raleigh NC, and you’ve got to hand it to them: they knock off ABBA pretty well. They’d like you to take a chance on one of their residents, and who can blame them!

“We hope it encourages more pet adoptions across the country and around the world!” -Darci S., SPCA of Wake Co.

“Just in case this hasn’t been sent in already by a gazillion others … check out the fabulousness of this Wake County SPCA promo video!” -Karen, aka Sasha’s Mum.

[Note: I was always a “Frida” guy. -Ed]



  1. The Original Jane says:

    Well, I wasn’t expecting much but that was FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!!

  2. Sasha's Mum says:

    The only problem of course is that now I want to adopt them all …

  3. Yaaayyy my old city! I love this so much

  4. Adorable! So many cute puppehs and kittehs…

  5. and YAY a BUNNY!

    Rabbits are the 3rd most abandoned pet in the US and there aren’t many places for them to go. My local rescue takes in as many as they can from shelters,

  6. OMG that was all in one single take.

  7. and now try and get that s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-song outta your head. Proud to say I was an ABBA fan BEFORE they became huge.

  8. Great idea! Awesome job!!!!

  9. OK who’s chopping a truckload of onions??
    I’d take a chance on any (all!) of those cutie critters.
    Hope the adoption rate SOARS!

  10. Sasha's Mum says:

    And isn’t that the spiffiest looking SPCA you ever did see? So clean and bright, and looks like they have meet&greet rooms for folks to get to know their prospective critters before taking them home.

  11. Yes, it looks like an absolutely fantastic place with a wonderful staff. If I lived near there instead of on the West coast, I’d definitely consider adopting from them!

  12. Beautiful facility. Great job!

  13. This is the second time today CO has made me cry! Raleigh is clearly home to many wonderful hoomins who love animals!

  14. jlamusings says:

    *stops chopping* sorry. *sniff* That was me.

  15. That look on the puppeh’s face at the end says it all “Yup, that’s the kind of sweet lovin’ we get around here!”

  16. Best thing for an earworm is another earworm!
    “There was something in the air that night
    The stars were bright, Fur-nando.
    They were shining there for you and me
    For liberty, Fur-nando.”

  17. Weeping, weeping. Copious tears of happy-hope.
    Great job, Raleigh!

  18. Dog Lover says:

    I thought I’d be the only one who cried over that but I was wrong. Now I don’t feel like such a big dope. 🙂

  19. AWESOME!!!!!!!! If everyone in the world could only be like this…thanks for all you do!!!!!!

  20. I cried too. You’d have to be dead not to at least shed ONE tear.

  21. Gaaah! Crying/laughing, then the PUPPEH WAS NAMED CHANCE!!!!!
    **clutching my hands to my heart**

    sharing everywhere!

    (also, please note a couple new nominees for the Men of CO calendar)

  22. GEORGIA CREWS says:


  23. I liked the guy who looked like a football linebacker. Oddly enough, he sounded just like Agnetha and Frida. :mrgreen:

  24. This broke my heart and warmed it at the same time.

  25. This video makes me incredibly happy! I so hope their adoption rate goes thru the roof! I wish all shelters looked like that, we’d get more anipals adopted, I’m sure. I am also glad they showed a bunny. I am going to have this going thru my head all night and I…don’t…care!! *humming, singing, dancing while fixing supper* 🙂

  26. This is delightful.

  27. This just does my heart. I wish all those little guys a loving and happy home. Their people are working hard to find them one. *sneef* I need to hug something.

  28. And had great moves! Nominate him for the “Men of Cuteoverload” calendar! Actually, there were a few more menfolk in there that should be nominated as well. :-).

  29. Agreed!

  30. Amazing! Did anyone read the story about this video? Check it out here I hate to say it but lawyers can really ruin something beautiful.


  32. YAY FOR THE BUNBUNS. Bunnies are great pets.

  33. updated the post! TY!

  34. we do what we gotta do

  35. LOL 😀

  36. Oh man that should come with a Kleenex box!

  37. That was a perfect puppy face at the end, I agree!

    And now I want to work there…looks much more fun than my joyless office!

  38. whawhawhatsis says:

    I liked the guy in the Hawaiian shirt who had the inflatable ring around his neck and his flippers on his hands at the end, too. 🙂

  39. Awesome!

  40. So many cutely bewildered kittehs and puppehs and sooooo many new Cute Men of CO that we’re gonna have to upgrade from that coffee table book to a yearly Annual. Thanks for organising that CO.

  41. nicefrenchgurl says:

    compared to the cold and grim French facility I got my dog from, this is awesome I ‘d love to adopt this big teddy bear too …

  42. Oh, tears of joy. Such a great video. I’m super impressed that they accomplished it in one take!
    And that’s a really beautiful facility!

  43. um…..what?

  44. kibblenibble says:

    Yes, all in one take, while walking backwards, lip synching, with live animals, dancing, skateboarding, even! I LOVED this!

  45. I’ve watched this 4 times now…laughing and crying. It’s brilliant and ridiculously endearing.

  46. Mary (the first) says:

    Glad I’m not the only one *sniff* *big smile on face at the same time*

  47. Mary (the first) says:

    Who’s a big dope? Not us!! Nope. Nosir.

  48. Mary (the first) says:

    *sneef* ME TOO! * sending huge hug to JenDeyan* And then I think I’ll go track down my kitteh and hug him. (He came from our local Humane Society almost 3 months ago.)

  49. Mary (the first) says:

    Well, I just had to watch it again cuz I missed the bunneh the first time. Just smiling this time. Loved it so much!!!
    (And yeah, impressed they did it in one take, and the people going backward without a care and not running into anything.. wonderful.)

  50. That was my strongest first impression, too. That’s an animal shelter? I expect concrete block and battered paint. That facility is gorgeous.

  51. Exactly my thoughts. Will share this *everywhere*!!!!

  52. Me…”sniff” “sniff” TOO!!!!

  53. Stupid onions…

  54. Pure awesomeness! And hoomin children too!

  55. kibblenibble says:

    PS Chance really nails his part, too! His facial expression is so adorable, and he stays so still!

  56. Thanks CO for spreading the Love

  57. Glad to see I wasn’t the only one. Crying and laughing at the same time. Such a wonderful video!!

  58. AWW 😀 I am so glad to hear that you adopted your kitteh from your local Humane Society, Mary (the first) 😀 I hope you have many long and happy years with your dear sweet kitteh 😀

  59. I second that, Angela Crews McCleaf 😀

  60. I hope so too, 6rabbits, that their adoption rates go thru the roof and beyond 😀 I would adopt the black kitties if I could 😀

  61. I know, wasn’t that awesome! Of course it wasn’t until a few minutes into the video that I realized that it was all one take. That’s tough to do! And with amateur “actors”.

  62. twocityshibas says:

    My vote is for the elderly gentleman! 😉

  63. Clairdelune says:

    Nope. Me neither. *sniff* Rats, those durn onions again…

  64. I know! I just wanted to say, “Good puppy! GOOD puppy!”

  65. Onions, yeah, that explains it. *sneef*

  66. Loved him! And let’s hear it for the skinny geeky-looking guy who did a whole lot of walking backwards.

  67. I’ll call dibs on a couple marmies . . . .

  68. Nope, I started crying at 00:50 and I don’t know why. Maybe from seeing so many cute critters getting a chance at a loving home? Maybe the song and choreography? Maybe the happy people who work there? So much sweetness! *sniffles and a watery smile*

  69. D-, do you like to be paid when you work? Do you prefer that people not take your stuff without your permission?

    So do musicians. The lawyers are doing their job in protecting their clients’ rights and property.

  70. I bet most of the humans in this video are volunteers, too. The shelter that I foster kittens from looks a lot like the one in this video, and is full of amazing volunteers. I also love the woman in the black sweater & pearls with the DONATE sign. Don’t know if it was an intentional joke – everyone else is wearing an SPCA shirt, but she has on a classic “I-work-in-Development” outfit. Also want to recognize the excellence of the small marmie in the box, who peeks out adorably, bewilderedly, and without attempting to run off.

  71. oh yeah. tears started near immediately!

  72. Well, I’m calling dibs on the bunny! (Which explains how I’ve had up to nine buns at time–just can’t leave a shelter without a rescue!)

  73. Aw Juno, really? ABBA have made a heap of money, and surely one charity YouTube clip isn’t going to break the bank.

  74. Yes, copyright laws are necessary, and ABBA has the perfect right to deny someone the use of their music. But WHY would they disallow the shelter when they have already let others use their songs? Especially once the shelter tried to buy the rights to use it? I’m actually hoping this is all lawyers, and the band members are unaware of the situation.

  75. Next time, how bout a NSFWUYWTTACOGCBAW warning? (not safe for work unless you want to take a chance on getting caught bawling at work). That said, if this was a just world, this would play during the Super Bowl and the shelters would have lines out the door on Monday morning. Kudos to all who had anything to do with this. They crushed it!

  76. Sasha's Mum says:

    Yeah, I think “bewilderment” was probably the over-riding feeling of most of the four-legged participants in that video!