Supere’ scrumptious

11876843493_47b2fb0863_z (1)

Purrfectly purtifulz

Padular plusharrific


Deep-fried-double-dipped-omgbbq-oompa-loompa-chummy-wummy-pawdorably pawesome pawberries!

“Hi dear Cute Overload, This is my tuxedo cat Mephisto’s, toe beans. I love that it’s so funny with the black-and-pink pattern! Your site always cheers up my day, thank you for that!” -Nikki (from Macon, GA)



  1. Neapolitan!

  2. Mephisto. Awesome! I like the name more than the toe beans. 🙂

  3. Clairdelune says:

    Simply delish!!! LOFF them toebeans. Mephisto has a winning set, the kind that just MUST be rubbed and andmired.

  4. So adorable – cute little toes!! XOXO – Bacon

  5. “Talk to the paw .. I’m sleeping now”

  6. rocky griffin says:

    What a lovely arrangement and a grand display of bean footage!

  7. Cute little toes, what a fetish we have with them, like baby toes, is there anything cuter?

  8. Those are awesome toebeans!

    Nom nom nom nom nom 😀

  9. I managed to hold out until the 5th picture when I bonked my head on the monitor trying to nom the beans.

    Didn’t get any beans. 😦

  10. AWW 😀 I just LOVE to cuddle and snorgle your dear sweet tuxedo cat, Mephisto, Nikki (from Macon, GA) 😀

  11. whawhawhatsis says:

    I tried to get toebean photos of my tortie Emily, but her toebeans are as dark as the rest of her so it just looks like a dark brown blur! And yet they’re just adorable (when she deigns to let me examine them, which is seldom, needless to say). Toebeans look good enough to nom!

  12. Whenever my kitty has all her toes in a pile like that, I like to grab all her feets at once and declare her a kitty bouquet 🙂

  13. The toebeans are cute but, I’d rather see the rest of the kitty too. I love a tuxie.

  14. Tuxieee toe beans!! ❤ I used to love nomming my tuxie boy's toes. He had the black-pink-white toesies too.

  15. This cat must get carried around everywhere. I’ve never seen such crystal clean paws.

    Pyrit, I love the “Beanalissimo.” LOL!

  16. Love the little hairses sticking up!