This Is Surely One Gem Of A Puppeh

[Note: This is a sad story starting out. Just want to let you know. -Ed]

There was a tiny 3-month-old puppeh in San Francisco that somehow miraculously survived a brutal trip thru a recycling center just before Christmas. Gem The Puppeh was rescued just moments from certain peril!

That was then. THIS…is now!

She has made a full recovery thanks to San Francisco Animal Care & Control.

The Furrtographer took these nice photos at the shelter.

Josh Norem says “She is in foster care in SF while ACC sorts out the adoption applications. They have over 200 applications for her.”

Miracles do come true, don’t they?










  1. From heartbreak to heartwarming, all in one Gem of a pup. May she find the love and family she deserves for always!

  2. Smartypants says:

    What a beautiful puppeh! Wow, thank goodness for the recy. worker who saved her. Ed’s, thanks for the heads-up about the sad start. Beautiful pix by Josh N!

    Doesn’t Gem look like Tintin’s dog Snowy?

  3. Stressfactor says:

    I also hope that for those who cannot adopt this little ‘Gem’ they may find another ani-pal at the shelter to take home.

  4. Josh, I just adore these photos. Good luck, little Gem!

  5. Stressfactor says:

    Also, I will add that Gem here is such an adorable fluff-muffin. I almost can’t handle the Qte.

  6. Amen.

  7. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Hehehe, what a silly looking creature. Must be a tough little guy, though. Anyone have any guess at his heritage?

  8. Brinke, thanks for the trigger warning. Maybe those should become standard operating procedure?

  9. My thoughts exactly! Gem is adorable and I am thankful to everyone who helped her, but there are plenty of other anipals who need homes.

    Awesome photos as always, Josh N.!

  10. Thanks Berg. I am so lucky to get to do photo shoots like this!!

  11. Poodle,little Pom,maybe Malteese.. Mostly small cute fluffy dog

  12. Prosh earflaps!

  13. The ears…omg, the ears!

  14. Thanks dgerish – she is such a sweetheart!

  15. Angel ears!!!

  16. phred's mom says:

    . . . and angel eyes.

  17. MamaDawn in Tulsa says:

    My guess would be poodle/jack russell mix.

  18. What an amazing story! I’m so glad they found her 🙂

  19. Love the “Pippi Longstocking” ears!!

  20. Mary (the first) says:

    That babeh looks like she has the wisdom of the world in her sweet brown eyes. Love to her, the workers who saved her, and kudos to the wonderful Josh for the photos.

  21. How could anyone NOT love that face?

  22. After all she’s been through, she still wants to give kisses. What an incredible little being. Good luck Little Gem.

  23. It a roundabout way .. she was “recycle” from a poor home to a much better one from the looks of it.. Thank goodness someone seen her in time.

  24. I know! I know! I have never seen ears quite like that! 🙂
    Hopefully everyone follows the links to read the amazing story. If you see the first pitiful picture, you will be astounded at the transformation!

  25. whawhawhatsis says:

    Your photo shoots are seriously THE best anipal photos I have ever seen, anywhere. I wish every shelter had a photographer like you available to help their critters find homes more easily!

  26. canadianmary says:

    she DOES!!!! I would be tempted to give her that name, in honour….:)
    Gosh I read her horrific story and am amazed and so thankful to hear of the wonderful fellow and others who acted so promptly to rescue her….
    Here’s to a great new life, little Gem(er um ,Snowy!!) 🙂

  27. Yes, whoever takes adorable little Gem home is going to be so lucky but I’m sure there are plenty of other wonderful anipals who are just waiting for their forever homes! Gem, have a long, happy, and healthy life in your new home!

  28. Dog Lover says:

    I love her whackadoodle ears! 🙂 My heart nearly broke when I read of her rescue but my heart is soaring to read of this miracle. Every dog, in its own way, is a miracle to someone – or should be.

    Lovely pics, Josh N. You obviously put your heart and soul into every photo.

  29. OMG! She is just precious! Love the “doggy eyeliner” look.

  30. Is it dusty in here or what. Awesome story, love it that a regular working guy can do something so meaningful just by his kindness. Also the hovertext may be the best ever. I hope Gem lives a pampered life of love & leisure forever & ever amen.

  31. I keep clicking back & forth, can’t believe it’s the same dog. She’s transformed completely, thanks to the workers & the clinic that cared for her.

  32. Stories like this just make me incredibly happy! 🙂

  33. Thanks Mary – I appreciate it.

  34. Thanks Dog Lover – I do my best.

  35. Peanutcat says:

    What’s with those EARS?!

  36. Me too. Me too. Me too. My heart. Oh, my heart.