Ever Wanted To Hug Your Lunch?

RocketNews24 says folks in Japan like to have what are known as “hotpot dishes” during the winter. They dump all kinds of stuff in there, like cabbage, tofu, radishes, etc. And as you can see, before you EAT it, you…DECORATE it!















  1. Oh nuts .. EARWORM ALERT #9 .. Totoro !!

  2. Sheesh, I’m lucky I can get milk into my cereal properly!

  3. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    I wish I had the time and inclination to make my food look so good. But, of course, if I did, then I wouldn’t have the heart to eat it. It’s a choice I make.

  4. I would feel too sad eating these. D: Especially the sleeping kitty one…

  5. how inspiring! i wonder if i can make my food look this cute!?

  6. Yeah but you gotta fly to The Big J.

  7. Some people have a lot of time on their hands.

  8. rocky griffin says:

    That is some super cute food! I would Love some Japanese food now!

  9. I know, right? Our Japanese friends are setting the bar pretty high.

  10. Totally Jersey says:

    I want to go to there.

  11. And the bear in the orange sweater. There’s just no way I could put that scared little face in my mouth. They’re all adorable, but I think I’ll stick to eating plain looking food.

  12. not so fun for a vegan…

  13. Someone plays with their food…..

  14. So a ball of rice with a face now counts as an animal product?

  15. Is anyone else missing the hover text for the sleeping cat?

  16. phred's mom says:

    First it was super clean floors.
    Now this! Fancy food! I can
    never measure up. Hhmm,
    wonder what Martha would do.

  17. there’s lots of vegan charaben and I’m sure there’s vegan whatever the heck this is.

  18. Those Japanese, as if Charaben wasn’t cute enough…

  19. yes 😦

  20. Cripes, now I’ll be looking for Totoros in my salad.

  21. So it seems WordPress ate it, at least that’s what it says now! I love C.O……….

  22. Trade you a sleeping kitten.

  23. I seriously think people have the right to decide what they eat but those who eat dishes like those showed above should be banned from Cute Overload.

  24. Methinks he is this guy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rupert_Bear
    a British institution and the Japanese do love our stuff…..

  25. Did you forget the #sarcasm tag?

  26. Mrs. Norris says:


  27. AWW, I could not eat the kitty one.