Today’s Special

“Spineless Lump of Cat Dough”, a la Chef du Jour, Stacey A.

“Hi! This spineless lump of cat dough is Sheep. This is the exact position and expression he maintains while I’m trimming his claws, too. ‘Mellow’ is a grossly understated adjective to describe this big cat and we love him to pieces! He’s seen here ‘laxing with his favorite person, Benjamin Thomas. Apparently they were litter mates in another life.” -Stacey A.



  1. awww

  2. S’up?

  3. kibblenibble says:

    He is gorgeous!

  4. Love his name! Cats and kids make my ovaries squee

  5. Lunacydress says:

    He’s beautiful! How big is he?

  6. rocky griffin says:

    He appears to be a very good bed-fellow. I want to hug him and the little cherub holding him!

  7. paula fisicaro says:

    this photo makes me very happy. what a great looking cat!!

  8. Sheep is one cool cat! What a wonderful bond these two have; I have a feeling that Benjamin Thomas will a cat lover all of his life!

  9. Oops…”will ‘be’ a cat lover…” I would blame the early hour for that mistake but I do stuff like that around the clock!

  10. I second that!!!

  11. Kitteh with no spine should be named Mr. Loopner. 😀

  12. Mingles' Mommy says:

    Perfect kitty!

  13. Clairdelune says:

    Just where do you find a cat THAT relaxed and laid-back? I can only dream about it, while I watch and listen to my slightly insane kitteh. Siggghhh.

  14. Dog Lover says:

    Lucky Sheep, lucky Benjamin. 🙂

  15. But then they might lose him.

  16. AWW 😀 I hope that Sheep lives a long and happy life in his loving forever home with his favorite person, Benjamin Thomas, Stacey A. 😀

  17. I’m pretty sure they’re littermates *now.*

  18. So cute! Love the oh-so-relaxed back feet splayage. And the name rocks, too!