Scramble All Grasshoppers!

We’re being invaded! Everyone to your grasshoppers! Prepare for immediate takeoff! This is NOT, I repeat NOT, a drill!

From Wendy M.



  1. *Sniff* .. It’s just a black box of nothingness

  2. I see it! Oh, Doug, I’m so sorry….I hope they fix it for you soon! It’s very very clever and cute!

  3. @Doug, U using an old browser? works fine on latest builds of FF and Chrome.

  4. Sgt Cicada says:

    Awesome! And I love the tiny *boing* sound at the end :o)

  5. BAH .. Just because I’m an old internet browser doesn’t mean anything !!
    (Old Unnoticed/No notice update to flash .. *grumbles*) Works now