Fuzzyology 101

We consider ourselves expert Fuzzyologists. We are fearless squee-ers of Fuzzyology. Today we welcome some familiar distinguished guests of honor.  Let’s get right to our first guest.

And our next squee-er at the podium has a long list of fuzzy credentials.

Next, here he is, the alpaca, who shows us how to be fuzzy headed.

And now, please give it up for, fuzzy ducklings everywhere!

Finally, we are proud to welcome our very latest and greatest fuzzy newcomer!

“When I take my cat, Max, to the vet, the people there always gasp at his beauty. A picture is attached for proof. He looks like Farrah Fawcett, don’t you think?” -Ridley J.
“Romeo” – Josh Norem, The Furrtographer.
“10 ducklings! quackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquack.” -xoPeter.
“I visited a children’s farm in The Netherlands, where I live. We call it a ‘kinderboerderij’ by the way. I came across this beautiful, fluffy, cuddly Alpaca!” -Julia H.
Vivi, the Merino Guinea Pig via Healthy Pets. -Anna C.



  1. rocky griffin says:

    OMG! The Merino Guinea Pig was the bomb! This excerpt is filled with cuteness on every picture but that Merino was top cute!

  2. The Llama is the best no question. Reminds me of http://animal-scramble.com//view_picture.php?ID=55

    [Lama guanicoe glama hipsterus emo –Ed]

  3. Clairdelune says:

    Oh my, I love every bit of fuzz in these pictures! Squee-worthy every one. Max the cat is gorgeous. And those adorable ducklings… and the smiling llama…. and the uber-fuzzy guinea pig…. *ded*

  4. AWW 😀 I so want to snorgle dear sweet kitty Max’s fur, Ridley J. 😀