THIS JUST IN: Teddy Bear Predicts The SB Winner!

Is it gonna be the Broncos or the Seahawks? Teddy Bear lays it all out for us.



  1. I think he said, “Don’t care, got corn.”

  2. Martha in Washington says:

    Way to go Teddy!! GO HAWKS!!!!

  3. Rescue Gal says:

    Does he give Vegas odds on that??

  4. Mary (the first) says:

    Personally, I don’t care, but since I live in Seahawks country, it would be good if they won.

  5. MaddyT1971 says:

    12th Bun, Manny, says Yay Teddy! Go Hawks!

  6. Wait, wait, wait… could’ve sworn I heard Broncos in there!!!

  7. I just can’t get enough of that Teddy Bear! I loved his little exclamation at the end, he’s my favorite CO Star!!!

  8. But who does he pick for the 2014 **ARMY** vs. navy game ?
    Only game I watch each year .. hehe

  9. Teddy is almost enough to get me interested in football. Almost. 🙂

  10. phred's mom says:

    It would be neighborly to root
    for them, no?

  11. phred's mom says:

    The Spandex factor did it for me.

  12. Good point, phred’s mom!

  13. Mischief Girl says:

    The way I see Teddy’s prediction is this: Seahawks on their backs with the Broncos remaining standing…and WINNING! Either way, go Teddy!

  14. I swear Teddy yelled “Seahawks!” at the end.

  15. Me, too, Mary (the first). Go Hawks!

  16. I’m pretty sure I heard “Tom Brady forever!!!” But I could be wrong. 🙂

  17. Smartypants says:


  18. hmm .. I think “Da Teddy” was right !!