Fish Are Friends, NOT Food

A week ago, it was the Cute Kitteh version of Toy Story. It seems The Pet Collective is working their way through the Pixar catalog, and now they’ve arrived at Finding Nemo.

And yes, it’s Pure Prosh.



  1. This is incredibly cute! Thanks guys, now I understand the story!

  2. Karen Gray says:

    OMG, ** so ** cute!!

  3. snarkygirls9 says:

    I was so caught up in the story, it wasn’t until halfway though that I caught on to the redonkulousness of kittens playing the part of fish. I die from teh Qte.

  4. AWW 😀 How cute 😀

  5. Unbelievable: I got up this morning thinking that “Finding Nemo” would make a good addition to the kitten storytelling series, and here it is.

  6. Gah, I totally love these! They put a lot of effort into those props, like that pelican with the movable parts. I think the Lion King one was the best so far, but I hope they make more.