I Don’t Know Where That Saying Came From, Son

They keep asking it over and over, even though you think the matter would be settled by now, but for the record: Yes, we do go in the woods.

Via TwentyTwoWords.com.



  1. Emmberrann says:

    Well, obvy, Pops!
    (Knew NTMTOM’s delicate touch! Nah, not going to even mention the coffee table book. ..)

  2. I’m in hysterics over here. My ribs are going to crack. PLZ plz coffee table book!!!

  3. SlaveToCat says:

    There is probably a perfectly good clean restroom right behind the photographer. But do these guys use it? Of course not, any excuse to go outside to flash and splash around. Boys will never change no matter the species. 😛

  4. AWAY from the wind, son…
    Away from the wind.

  5. As the overly-logical stick-in-the-mud, my response to this sarcastic question is, “Depends. If they’re polar bears, then no, they DON’T go in the woods.” ;^)

  6. First real laugh of the day- thanks.

  7. “you good?”
    “just a sec…yup.”
    “ok. let’s boo-boo.”