Baroo To The Left..Baroo To The Right..

…and you’re the only puppeh in town! (Thanks to J. Buffett.)

From Tastefully Offensive.



  1. MusicFan87 says:

    Music hath charms…
    This baroo-ing puppeh hath charms to make my head ‘splode from the Qte!

  2. Badá Rock says:

    I spent all the time doing the same with my head

  3. kibblenibble says:

    Teh ears!! Where is Tracy Lee?

  4. anonymous coward says:

    you just can see his brain trying to figure this out, trying to make sense out of the situation… 🙂

    it’s like my boy cat after i shake his paw, he’ll still hold it in the air, looking at it… the face he makes… “human papa did this again… what does it mean? i… i think… he’s trying to communicate!”

    puppeh in the video is surely thinking the same thing. “what sort of magic is this, what does it mean?” 😛

  5. butterfield says:

    cute overload…

  6. So adorable. His head is dancing to the music. 🙂