We’re All So Proud

When Uncle Heshie was selected as the face of the park’s “Would It Kill You to Pick Up After Your Pet, Were You Raised In a Barn or What?” campaign, it was a feather in our cap, I can tell you.

“This is my pug, Minos. Hope he’s cute enough!” Affirmative, Vanessa L.



  1. How Wisconsin! The sun’s out, must be t-shirt time. So what if there’s still lots of snow on the ground. It’s 4 above zero this morning, but spring WILL come.
    And very cute dog.

  2. That’s pick up after your pet .. not pick up your pet .. hehehe

  3. NYC could so use a program like that – expanded to garbage! Great slogan!

  4. It’s 7F out, but there is a 40 mile an hour wind, so multiple those together and divide by 1.1618, subtract 12, cross all your fingers and toes and turn around in a circle three times, add a shot of whiskey to your chicken soup and that is the real temperature. It’s horribubble out.

  5. this guy is SO happy to be a PSA!

  6. Smartypants says:

    “Don’t be a slug, clean after your pug”

    What a handsome fellow, Vanessa L. Yes, definitely CO material!