Tribble, Anyone?

(Say like James T. Kirk:) “Spock, I don’t care what it takes, I want these”

For my cake day I present to you a cute. - Imgur
Via Reddit. Possibly an encore presentayshe?


  1. Um, what is it?

  2. What is it? Why, lovely lady, it’s a tribble.

  3. I don’t know .. if I was buried in a pile of these tribbles, I might not mind it so much.

  4. sophie d. says:

    Not sure but after some Google searches I think it’s a Pomeranian puppy.

  5. mollykubik says:

    I finally decided it must be a dog, but what kind? Anybody know out there?

  6. A floofy one?

  7. I think it’s a pomeranian puppeh

  8. It might be a chow-chow. Either way, thank you so much for the smile! :-)

  9. If I fill my cabinets with quadrotriticale will I get cute doggehs like thees one?

  10. now, did U google that to get the spelling? be honest.

  11. no need for google to get the spelling, that word just trips off the tongue, spelling itself, as it were

  12. Yes I did! :D :D :D

  13. BTW .. It’s not wheat .. *snickers*

  14. Triticale IS a real hybrid of wheat and rye, though!:-)

  15. Looks like a Pomeranian puppeh to me. A particularly tiny one .

  16. Pleeeease tell me its name is Tribble!!

  17. Oh my………too freakin’ cute………..I’ll take a dozen please!!! :)

  18. ! *thud*!

  19. according to google he is a teacup pomerainian

  20. and that teacup is filled with single-estate squee

  21. Teacup Pomeranians: for when regular Pomeranians are just. too. big.

  22. *snerk* :lol:

  23. rocky griffin says:

    Whatever it takes I want my ship full of those guys!

  24. Tiniest dog nose ever!!

  25. Oh.My.Floofiness. That is one adorable puppeh or a really cute dust bunneh!

  26. Peanutcat says:


  27. Doh! Someone took his ears!

  28. It’s a crossbreed between a samoyed and a q-tip.

  29. This is the last time I use volumizing shampoo.

  30. It’s a cotton ball with eyes! I don’t care what kind of puppeh it is, I just WANT IT :):):):)

  31. Reminds me a little of a chubbchubb too!

  32. Furry little Cuisinarts!


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