Cuteness Up the Yin-Yang

Here we see Rule of Cuteness #46 (Sleeping in a yin-yang position is cute) in action, demonstrating that when you’re with a soft friend, there’s always enough pillow to go ’round.

Via Cute Emergency.



  1. Martha in Washington says:

    *trying to squeeze self between soft, floppy black ear and cuddley, nomable tan ear,without waking puppehs*

  2. Alice Shortcake says:

    *Elbows Martha aside whilst inhaling the new puppeh smell*

  3. My life is now in balance.

  4. That was my first thought: “I wanna nom the heck out of those ears!”

  5. Mrs. Norris says:

    It’s Yin & Yang

  6. …Can’t…type…brain…melted…! *thud*

  7. Tinee puppehs!!!

  8. Why is this so calming to look at?

  9. Adorable!!!!

  10. It’s a beautiful You-Are-My-Pillow-I-Am-Your-Pillow symbiosis.

  11. TheIglets says:

    Ach! It’s only 9:00 am and I’m on my third earworm of the day.

  12. Twin nose rests !