The NYC World According 2 Watson

Duly received from Meredith M: “So I strapped a little video cam onto my pup Watson’s back see NYC from a dachshund’s point of view. This is our first ‘Doxie Vision!!'” Video and pictures of the world’s cutest cameraman in action.” (Following quotes are from MM’s blog.)

“Using a custom-made harness, I strapped a GoPro camera to Watson’s back to get his view of Manhattan. The city can be amazing and overwhelming standing at 5’6″ so I was curious to see how it looked from 12″ high.”

[Note: this video is a bit completely coma-inducing to watch, but it’s fun to see NYC from the ground floor. S-S-S-Sorta.)

“‘Doxie Vision’ has been hilarious! Lots of butt sniffing, a maze of giant legs and terrifying close encounters with taxi wheels. The best part might be the reactions from passing New Yorkers: ‘That little dog’s got a camera!’ & ‘We’re on camera!…at least our feet are.’ More (less crooked!) videos TK.”

watson for dummies

Watson Book Review

watson 3 months

watson ball

Watson ears

watson on parade



  1. Cute idea but I need some dramamine after that. Kind of wish the’d put one of those little cameras in the Devil Baby’s carraige, just to get the reactions.

    LOVE Watson gnawing on that Dummy’s book. “What do they know?”

  2. Oy, less video, more stills please! By .26 in, I was motion sick!

  3. same here, got queasy real fast! put a warning up next time for motion sickness.

  4. Noooo! That was adorable! Between the plinky-plonky sounds of him trotting, the little muppet head with flopping ears, and the Parisian accordeon music? That was the bomb! I couldn’t stop grinning, goofily, and bop my head along with the music the whole time!

  5. not me. i went with the flow. bobbed in my chair. LOVED running across the street!

    Watson has star quality, too. he needs to talk to his agent/walker to make sure he gets on-camera as well as being part of the crew.

  6. so when “key grrrip” comes up in the credits, now you know who that is

  7. Dog Lover says:

    I think I’m in loff. 🙂

  8. Dachshund’s for Dummies?? I think I’ve been insulted .. I’m not a dummy !!
    (But I wish I had a Dachshund) ..

  9. Riding on the back of a Dachshund made me dizzy.

  10. aesweeti85 says:

    What a handsome Doxie! I’m normally not a fan, but I think he’s changing my mind! Gorgeous.

  11. I totally agree! Loved every second of it! More, more!

  12. Could you all get shpillkus from the amount of qte from Watson (especially the profile pic) or what?