How Can You Think of Food at a Time Like This?

I’m tellin’ ya kid, we got a problem. There’s a 5-second rule and neither of us can count to five. Or is it a 5-second drool, I can never remember.

Via YouTube.



  1. That’s potentially a great way to get the baby bitten, actually. =P

  2. I like to assume that this has happened before, with benign results, prompting parents to preserve it on video. :-)

  3. vicki hihkle says:

    I love cuteness but that was making me nervous.

  4. sabrina rose says:

    That “cookie” looks hard as a rock! The baby didn’t seem to really want it, and the dog kept mouthing it without much happening. I’d break it in half, even Steven! They’re both too immature to share! :)

  5. This kid is building a good immune system!! Hope the pup is building patience (‘cuz he’s gonna need it)!!

  6. Chris Pearcey says:

    Really scary. The dog is giving plenty of warning signs. These parents are so lucky.

  7. phred's mom says:

    Looks like all kinds of wrong
    going on there. Unsafe: both
    with doggie germs and potentially
    doggie teeth. Also, you’re right,
    just give each of them a cookie.
    But I think getting something onto
    YouTube was their goal. *sigh*

  8. Sharon Wilson says:

    Here comes Mommy. Mommy says, “No, Sam. Don’t take Doggie’s cookie.”

  9. Hmm, was that growling? Or just labored pug breathing? Hopefully, it was all in fun…

  10. tibbymstie says:

    I figured it was a round rawhide treat,, probably not something the baby’s going to be able to eat anyway.


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